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This is Episode 54 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 54: Together Forever[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Barovia's New Ruler[ | ]

Paultin and Evelyn have been drawn into Barovia. Evelyn’s construct body is described as a sort of animatronic device with rubbery skin.

Escher explains that Paultin is going to be getting married. “If you run, the master will just bring you back.”

Escher slyly notes that once Paultin and the bride have consummated their marriage, Paultin can banish her to the catacombs. This would allow Escher and Paultin can be together.

Evelyn is invisible, but Escher can see her, somehow. He tells her she'd be safer with her friends. Evelyn tackles him. Escher puts up with her antics. He seems keen on keeping Paultin's interest.

The vampire spawn explains that even though the group put Strahd in the doll and took him out of Barovia, Strahd left a piece of himself behind. It is known as "the master."

Reunited in Barovia[ | ]

Diath and Strix are in Citadel Adbar. Mists envelop them and they, too, are transported to Castle Ravenloft.

There's a shadow on the wall. It is Paultin’s shadow.

It is explained that when Strahd was taken from Barovia, Paultin's shadow took over. A piece of Strahd is in his shadow. The dark powers want to reclaim this land and Paultin is apparently their choice as the new ruler.

Cyrus the mongrelfolk takes Paultin and Evelyn to the study that Diath and Evelyn are in. Escher tells Cyrus not to let Paultin see the bride.

The group reunites in the study. They get a look at animatronic Evelyn. Strix is happy that she is not dead.

Diath looks at Evelyn and says "I'll fix you."

Cyrus butts in and says, "I've never had a friend."

The group tries to make friends with Cyrus, but Cyrus messes it up.

Paultin's Shadow[ | ]

Paultin's shadow is on the wall of the study. It has bat wings. The group has no idea what to do with the shadow. Strix tries to trap it in the iron flask. It doesn't work.

Evelyn decides to try to punch the shadow. The punch doesn't hurt it. Evelyn’s attack does cause a magical suit of armor nearby to come to life. Paultin tells it to stand down. It does.

The heroes debate what to do next. They decide to go visit the bride.

The group gives Evelyn her gear back: Treebane the axe, Juniper the mouse and her winged boots.

Paultin goes off alone with Escher. Escher hits on Paultin as he puts on his suit.

The Heart of Sorrow[ | ]

The other heroes wander for a bit and come upon the remains of the heart of sorrow, the massive crystal that gave Strahd special protection, until it was destroyed by Mordenkainen.[1]

Evelyn scopes out the region around the castle. She sees the village of Barovia. She spots a number of witches in the sky. They're coming to the wedding, apparently.

Escher tells Paultin that he is going to marry the undead bride. Escher doesn't trust the Abbot. He says that there is still good in him.

The waffle crew thinks maybe they should go burn down the church of Barovia. That way, there couldn’t be a wedding.

The group also spots another guest. Doru.

They recognize another guest. Izek Strazni.

Paultin pulls the Abbot aside and tries to cast suggestion on him. It doesn't work. The Abbot is extremely angry. He summons his mace and unfurls his black wings. End of session.