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This is Episode 63 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 63: Bad Dates[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Assassins[ | ]

Last time, the group used a ritual to call upon three hags known as the Sewn Sisters. The hags will show up over the course of three nights. On the first night, a hag rode everyone but Evelyn, spit in their mouths, and gave them horrible nightmares.

The next morning, the heroes awoke in the inn. Strix wants to use the kitchen to bake some stuff. She is allowed to do so, and she bakes three sinda berry pies. She takes hair from herself, Paultin and Diath, hoping to give them to the hags so that they will leave the group alone.

In preparation for their expedition into the jungle, the group buys supplies, including wine and insect repellent. Paultin wants a collar that lets him talk to dinosaurs, but he is informed that those do not exist.

In the streets of Port Nyanzaru, Simon is playing with a monkey. It seems to be leading him somewhere.

It leads Paultin and Simon into an alley. It's an ambush! Someone on the roof aims a crossbow at him. Paultin summons a waffle hut, creating a safe space for himself. Diath runs up to the hut, vaults off of it onto the rooftop and attacks the would-be assassin.

There are two assassins, each one on a separate building. The female assassin shoots a poisoned bolt into Diath, but he makes his save vs. poison.

Diath is poisoned a moment later and he gains one level of exhaustion.. then another.

Nothing to See Here[ | ]

Evelyn shows up and declares that there's nothing to see here, like Robocop. She proceeds to roll a 1 on the check to do this convincingly. The street erupts into chaos. A cart of snakes tips over. People panic and flee.

Paultin shuts off the hut and dimension doors up to the rooftop. He tries to convince an attacker to stand down, but he is ignored.

Diath is now at level 5 exhaustion. One more fail and he is dead.

Evelyn sees that Waffles has a basket stuck on her head. More assassins are climbing the walls up to the roof.

Seeing that Diath is in peril, Strix teleports in front of Diath to protect him. She tries to polymorph an assassin, but they make their saving throw.

Evelyn flies over and gives Diath a lay on hands. She describes it like she's using a defibrillator. This cures the poison and gives him 20 hit points. The exhaustion is gone.

Diath gets up and stabs an assassin with Gutter. The assassin is bloodied. She sends a flying snake into the air, which flees, and then she hits Strix twice, giving her 2 levels of exhaustion.

Diath has a bolt stuck in his back.

Strix drops a level 5 fireball spell on the villains. A bunch of assassins are doing fancy scimitar moves and they die. There's 2 assassins left. One on this roof, the other on another roof fighting Strix's broom.

Paultin again tells the female assassin to stand down. He has advantage. 18! He's successful.

The Ring of Winter[ | ]

A giant ice hand strikes the assassin. Artus Cimber has arrived to aid the adventurers.

On the other roof, the assassin who has been fighting Strix's broom flees. The broom angrily shakes its non-existent fist.

The group spots an assassin on the ground holding Simon hostage. He has a hand over Simon's mouth.

This villain is a halfling wearing a black turban and a black veil, and he is riding a blue-painted velociraptor. He has a fez-wearing monkey on his shoulder.

The halfling wants to make an exchange. Simon for the ring of winter. The group disposes of him. The villains have either fled or been slain.

Diath spots Artus up on a minaret 120 feet away. He signals for Artus to meet him halfway. Artus flies on his ice vulture and meets Diath on a rooftop.

Artus says that these assassins are members of an organization known as the Zhentarim.

Artus says that the Zhentarim will be back. He doesn't want to put the waffle crew in danger. Artus is going to go into hiding, and he will introduce them to a friend of his who can guide them.

Diath tells the group they did a good job.

That night, they meet a dinosaur man. Dragonbait! He is mute, and communicates by emitting odors. He smells like cooked ham. Now he smells like lemon.

That night, the hags return. Diath's hag has a bag on her head. The bag has a little hole in it. A chicken head pokes its head out for a moment and then retreats into the bag. Then a snake does the same.

The hags stuff sacks into the mouths of the heroes. End of session.