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This is Episode 64 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 64: In Guide We Trust[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Geoff) Chumba - Batiri Goblin

Executioner's Run[ | ]

Last time, the hags visited the group at night, pushing black sacks down their throats.

Evelyn sees the hags. They think she's an inanimate object. She tells them not to touch the pies that Strix made for them. She wakes up the group, and the hags disappear.

The next day, Umbril, the half-orc woman who they saw chatting with Artus, introduces the heroes to her steward. He is a goblin. That's Geoff's character, Chumba.

Umbril is a cleric of Torm and a member of the Order of the Gauntlet.

Chumba is afraid of dolls, so Evelyn and Simon freak him out. Simon tries to hug him, and he flees. Simon chases him outside. Chumba collides with Dragonbait.

Umbril says that the group will be heading toward a river, so she bought some canoes.

During the last long rest, Strix lost a max hit point due to the death curse.

The group goes to Old City, a section of Port Nyanzaru dotted ziggurats and bamboo huts. They spot many hanging corpses which are attracting flies.

The group comes to executioner's run, a place where criminals are punished. A prisoner is about to be thrown into a 20-foot-wide, 200-foot-long trench inhabited by dinosaurs. A man in the crowd cries out that the victim is innocent. The prisoner is thrown in to the pit. Raptors close in on him.

Paultin throws some rocks at the raptors. He's drunk.

Strix dimension doors into the pit. Evelyn, Strix, Paultin and Chumba end up in the pit as the raptors chase the prisoner.

Strix casts silent image, creating an illusion of a bigger, scarier velociraptor. Evelyn uses magic to chat up the dinosaurs. She tries to make friends with them and/or distract them.

Fleeing Port Nyanzaru[ | ]

Suddenly, a horn and gong sounds all throughout the city. People begin to panic and run for the gates. Umbril says that undead must be attacking the other side of the city.

Dragonbait exudes a bunch of odors, and then indicates that the group should run into the jungle.

Paultin shocks the group when he casts fly and soars out of the pit. They didn't know he could cast that spell.

Everyone in the group can fly except for Diath. Strix wants to polymorph Diath into a vulture so that he can fly, but Diath doesn't want that.

The waffle crew heads into the jungle. The foliage becomes so dense that Dragonbait has to use his sword to carve a path big enough for the canoes, which are being carried, to fit through.

They come to cliffs overlooking a great misty bay. Diath realizes that they are being followed.

Suddenly, gray-skinned ghouls pile out of the forest and come at them in a wave of claws and teeth.

Anna's My Little Pony Tomb of Annihilation deliver with a natural 20 on initiative.

Chumba attacks a ghoul and rolls a critical. Evelyn pummels the undead and then Diath draws Gutter and backstabs a ghoul, slaying it.

Paultin draws the sunsword and destroys a ghoul with it.

A ghoul slashes Diath. He is paralyzed from the claws.

The crew finishes off the undead assailants. Diath shakes off the paralyzation and decides that he hates Chult.

The heroes note that the ghouls had blue triangles on their foreheads. Strix knows that the triangle is the symbol of Ras Nsi, an evil warlord who waged war on Chult centuries ago.

It's getting dark out. Paultin summons the waffle hut for the group to cuddle in for the night. When the hut appears, a red silk robe also appears on Paultin.

The Third Hag Visit[ | ]

The group worries that the Sewn Sisters will come back, but they have no choice but to go to sleep. As a construct, Evelyn does not need to sleep, so she keeps watch.

The hags show up in spectral form and ride the group. The hags slice open Diath, Paultin and Strix from chest to groin. They pull out the sacks and retrieve maggot-like worms that are 5 feet long each.

The larvae are placed in each hero's chest cavity and sewn back up.

Chris explains that Diath, Paultin and Strix now each have a second soul - an evil soul locked in their bodies. If they were to die, the Soulmonger would take that soul instead, and they'd be spared. End of session.