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This is Episode 68 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 68: Grung at Heart[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

The New Pet[ | ]

In the jungle of Chult, the waffle crew killed a band of grung assailants. There is a purple baby grung looking at them.

Diath wants nothing to do with it. NPC Paultin actually licks it, starts hallucinating, and wanders off. Strix puts him on a leash.

Diath doesn't want the baby grung. It keeps saying "Yuminugg" or "Yobbnug". Anna theorizes that Chris is setting the group up for another "pets" episode. the party would be:

The Froghemoth[ | ]

Suddenly, the group is attacked by a 15-foot tall tentacled beast known as a froghemoth. Strix is grabbed. It swallows her. Chris rolls a critical. She's down and dying inside the belly of the froghemoth.

Diath draws Gutter and charges forward. He's going to try to stab it without hitting Strix.

Dragonbait tries to pull her free, but fails.

Strix takes acid damage and accrues 1 failed death save. Then she rolls her death save and gains 1 success.

Diath tries to pull her out. Natural 20! She's out.

NPC Paultin is invisible and singing to himself. Dragonbait is swallowed and he starts trying to hack his way out of the froghemoth from the inside. It works! He tears a hole into the belly of the froghemoth. It regurgitates him back out.

NPC Paultin heals Strix. The froghemoth turns to Evelyn and grabs her. She's hanging upside down. It is bloodied.

The baby grung makes a run for it.

Strix casts polymorph on the froghemoth. It fails its saving throw. It becomes an axebeak.

Diath helps Strix up. They share a moment. She barfs on him.

Yabanugg[ | ]

The crew continues their journey through the jungle. After an hour of travel, Diath gets a weird feeling. He spots more grung trying to surround the group. There are a lot of them.

The group starts yelling, "Yabanogg."

The grung advance. The baby pops out. The grung point and want the group want to turn around and leave.

Evelyn pantomimes murdering the froghemoth.

The grung bring the group to their village. The crew needs to cross a lake to get to it.

Strix casts alter self and gives herself gills. She starts swimming. The lake is full of pirahnas, who go into a frenzy and attack her. She takes 22 points of damage. She's at 0 hit points.

Evelyn dives in to save her. She rolls a natural 20 on her perception check to spot her friend in the murky water. Evelyn pulls Strix out.

The group enters the village. They can see a number of buildings that were burned recently, apparently from flaming arrows.

The grung come out. The heroes note that there are many different colors of grung. The single gold grung appears to be the tribe's leader.

The Gold Grung[ | ]

The grung put paint on the group's faces, which allows the waffle crew to understand the grung and communicate with them.

The grung explain that the Order of the Gauntlet has been attacking them. They've captured two human prisoners.

The chief asks the group to convince the Order of the Gauntlet to stop attacking. The grung don't want to leave this area, because the pirahna lake protects them from zombie attacks.

The grung give the group a horn of blasting.

The undead plaguing the grung are coming from the aldani basin. The grung want to work together with the Order to fight the undead.

The group talks to two human prisoners of the grung. Their names are Lorsa and Wolf, and they explain that Breakbone is terrified of frogs in general.

Diath is able to convince the grung to free the prisoners. He wants to find tons of frogs to freak out Commander Breakbone. Strix collects a pile of frogs.

The group heads toward Camp Vengeance and that night, they rest in the waffle hut.

Strix empties her bag of frogs that she collected. She can't help but notice that most of them are grung babies. End of session.