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This is Episode 72 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 72: The Star Goddess[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The Jungle[ | ]

The adventurers have spent 3 days in the wilderness. one night, Diath notices that Strix is gone.

He heads into the jungle and spots greenish witchfire in the bushes. It's Strix. Her staff is spinning in the air. She's trying to turn it into other things. Diath watches, remaining hidden.

Each form the staff takes matches one of the runes on her staff. The forms include:

  •     Frying Pan
  •     Fishing pole
  •     Lantern
  •     Cauldron
  •     Feather quill that writes in the air
  •     Cuddly owlbear doll

Diath creeps back into the waffle hut.

We learn that Paultin sleeps with Simon and the hand. Chris speculates that maybe the hand does other things for Paultin. The players are aghast.

They travel for 6 more days. Everyone but Evelyn loses more hit points due to the death curse.

The Star Goddess[ | ]

The group enters a frozen section of forest. There's an icy ship in the treetops above them. It apparently fell from the sky. They see some letters on the ship: "AR GO."

The group makes their way up to the ship using flying powers and a dimension door spell for earthbound Diath. On board, they spot the corpse of a wizard who was killed/frozen by the ice and snow.

The waffle crew is attacked by a sabretooth tiger made of ice! The heroes are hit with a blast of cold energy. Diath and Evelyn each take 35 points of cold damage, The others take half as much.

Diath throws a dagger at the tiger and rolls a natural 20! Then he has to make a Dex check and rolls a 1. Due to the icy deck, he falls over the side of the ship. He grabs onto some vines at the last second.

While dangling, he sees more of the ship's name. "Star Go..."

Strix fireballs the ice tiger. It's vulnerable to fire and takes quite a bit of damage.

A giant hand of ice hovers over Evelyn and begins crushing her. She takes 13 damage.

Strix looks around to find the person responsible for all of this. She rolls a 20. She spots Artus Cimber in the distance. His eyes are glowing blue. The group correctly guesses that he has succumbed to the evil of the ring.

Artus says: "ICE to see you, Strix."

Evelyn tries to escape the hand by igniting the fiery heart of Spinelli.

Paultin is encased in ice. He's frozen with middle fingers up.

Diath maneuvers as the tiger makes a mighty leap. It misses and shatters into pieces.

Strix dispels the ice hand.

Artus casts dimension door and flees.

Searching the Ship[ | ]

The group takes a breath and checks out the wreckage of the ship. One dead person on the ship is holding a frozen key. There's also a chest below decks. Strix sees that the chest has a glyph of warding on it.

Paultin casts locate creature to try to track Artus Cimber. Artus is on a tree branch nearby. He's about to snipe them with a longbow.

Diath grabs the key and opens the chest. In it is a black egg with a window in it. There's another key hole. There is some kind of clock in it.

Evelyn flies up and attacks Artus. Strix devastates him with a fireball. Strix yells for Evelyn to cut his hand off.

Paultin throws the severed hand at Artus. It latches on to the face of Artus. Artus falls out of the tree and into the ship. He crashes through the deck and he lands near Diath, who is still ogling the chest.

Artus is not moving. Paultin's undead severed hand is trying to pry the ring of winter free.

Evelyn lands next to Artus. He mutters something about someone named Alisanda, and dies. Evelyn tries to cast revivify. It does not work. His soul is now in the Soulmonger.

The hand puts the ring on. The hand gives Paultin the ring. Paultin is trying to decide if he should put it on.

Strix examines the "bomb" in the chest. The energy inside it is similar to that of a magic missile. A force bomb?

Paultin puts on the ring of winter. End of session.