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This is Episode 74 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 74 - Gods Rest Ye Merry Wafflecrew[ | ]

 The Party[ | ]

(Matthew Lillard) Bag of Nails - Tabaxi Hunter

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The Lost City of Omu[ | ]

The heroes spend some time studying the ring of winter and the weird egg that they found. Paultin attunes to the ring and uses it to create an ice tiger.

After a bit more travel, the waffle crew arrives at the lost city of Omu. The jungle city is sunk into the ground, surrounded by cliffs on all sides. Paultin makes an ice rhino.

The heroes scope out the city and spot some shrines in the distance.

Someone is running toward the group. He's got arrows in him. The stranger yells, "He's mad, he'll kill us all!" He's hit by another arrow and dies.

The assassin is Matt's character, a tabaxi hunter named Bag of Nails. He tells the group to come out or he'll kill them all. After a bit of parlay, the heroes tells him that they are here to stop Ras Nsi.

Bag of Nails likes this. He approaches the adventurers. He ends up making a "blood bond" with Diath.

Bag of Nails warns the heroes that the yuan-ti move through the city disguised as normal snakes.

The Gargoyle[ | ]

Accompanied by Bag of Nails, the group scopes out a kamadan shrine. Lurking there is a giant, four-armed gargoyle. It's just watching them. Bag of Nails shoots arrows at it, and the gargoyle attacks.

The gargoyle can make five attacks per round. It goes after Evelyn. A critical hit with a bite attack does 25 points of damage to the paladin. One claw does another 9 slashing damage.

Paultin uses his ring to hit the gargoyle with a cone of cold, which does 50 points of damage! Strix follows up with a fireball and destroys the gargoyle.

Strix is not thrilled that Paultin is stealing her thunder.

Strix transforms herself into Viari's yuan-ti girlfriend (from the Acquisitions Inc. show). She says that the group should pretend they're her prisoners.

Suddenly, six yuan ti appear, four of which have snake heads. The other two have human heads and upper bodies, but they have snake tails instead of legs.

They are led by a yellow-clad yuan-ti named Fenthaza.

Strix casts cone of cold, trying to out-do Paultin.

As they mop up the bad guys, a giant creature swoops down from the sky. A dragon! It says, "At last!" It's Klauth, the red dragon.

The remaining yuan ti turn into snakes and flee. Bag of Nails says he will hold off the dragon. Diath urges the group to run.

Klauth busts out his wands. The group tells Paultin to take off the ring. End of session.