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This is Episode 78 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 78 Mortal Coils[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Rachel Seeley) Miranda- Elf Druid

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The Temple of Dendar[ | ]

Last time, the heroes befriended Miranda, who commands an army of vegepygmies. The heroes entered a temple in a yuan-ti dungeon that has a huge statue of Dendar and a pool of coagulating blood. Ras Nsi appeared on a teleportation circle.

Miranda is on the balcony facing Ras Nsi, the villainous yuan-ti leader. Miranda casts thunderwave, which knocks him back into the circle. Smart! There's a flash of light and he disappears.

Miranda sees that the blood in the pool is assuming a form. It's the face of a woman.

Strix is hit by a ton of arrows and falls into the blood basin. The face in the blood opens its mouth. The face has blades growing out of it. Strix recognizes it as the Lady of Pain.

Paultin makes a mighty leap and thunderwaves a group of yuan-ti, sending them scattering in all directions.

Simon is right next to the gong. Nate wants to hit that gong very badly.

The vegepygmies, Miranda's allies, rush into the room and throw themselves on the yuan-ti, stabbing them with spears.

Diath disengages his foes and backflips over to the blood pool. He is going to try to reach in and pull Strix out. He gets pulled in.

Miranda tries to follow, but the portal is gone.

Then, the giant stone Dendar statue comes to life! It is going after Evelyn.

Strix feels as if she is in quicksand! She's pulled out by a short, portly dark-skinned man with puffy cheeks and a wreath on his head.

The Maze[ | ]

Strix is able to confirm that she's still in the jungle of Chult. There's three other creatures here. Toy Evelyn, toy Diath, and toy Paultin.

This strange man claims to be Ubtao, who is the deity that abandoned Chult. He's the Dinosaur Father. The trickster gods took over once he left.

This "Ubtao" says he isn't a god, just a fellow who used to own a shop in Sigil.

Evelyn ends up inside the serpent statue, where there is a magical conduit. Evelyn tumbles through it and ends up sitting in a hall.

Three people are lying nearby - Strix, Diath and Paultin. Three little lights come up out of their bodies and are drawn away. They're all dead.

Evelyn feels like she only has a little bit of time to save them.

She flies down, looking for the Soulmonger.

Paultin is alone in the temple, among the battling yuan-ti and the vegepygmies. He shrugs. He uses bigby's ice hand to ring the gong.

A portcullis drops. Miranda and Paultin are trapped in there with all of the yuan ti.

Paultin hears a weird hissing noise calling to him. Paultin says it's a good day to die.

Waffles is trying to smash through the bars.

Diath's Vision[ | ]

Diath falls, and lands somewhere cold and wet. He's lying in snow. There's torn off wings.. his wings.

Snow is falling. He's in Waterdeep. Someone is in an alley. It's a man wearing a cloak. The man's eyes glow cold winter blue. It's Paultin.

Diath approaches someone wearing Strix's cloak. It turns out to be a swarm of cranium rats wearing Strix's cloak. Their brains pulse. They say "We are many, you are one."

Diath starts demanding to know where Strix is.

Back in the temple, Miranda casts hidden pathways to send Paultin to the other side of the gate.

Miranda spots Typho, a halfling ally of hers. He sneaks into the room. He's trying not to be seen. His eyes are serpentine. He's become a yuan ti! Typho is coming to kill Paultin.

In the maze, Ubtao tells Strix that all of her experiences are fake. She's been here the whole time. Strix remembers that the first time she saw the Ubtao statue was on a bridge in Chult.

Strix asks Ubtao who the Skizziks are. He says that they are humans who made a pact with devils that transformed themselves into tieflings. The Skizziks are a clan linked to the devils. The Lorcatha clan is linked to angels.

Some sort of deal kept the two families in a cease fire/non-interference pact. One of the terms of this pact is that members of the two clans can't have anything to do with each other or the multiverse might be destroyed.

Also, the Lorcatha had to give up their souls... all except one.

So, Diath is perhaps the only Lorcatha. Strix is a Skizzix. Their pairing could potentially destroy the entire multiverse.

In the tomb, Evelyn swoops down. This room is complicated and she's all alone. There's a panel and some diagrams.

Miranda has a spell that can get Paultin to safety, but he refuses to leave without Simon. Paultin runs over to Simon on the gong ledge and casts dimension door.

Back in "Waterdeep", Diath starts to wander around. The blue-eyed guy calls out to him. "We're friends! Aren't we?"

A door in a building near Diath opens. There's a woman there. She whispers, "Come with me." She has dark skin. She says that she can save his friends. Some snakes slither out of the building

She tells Diath that he and his friends are trapped in Dendar's nightmare.

This yuan-ti woman is wearing a golden bracelet. She has long, black fingernails. The lower half of her body is serpentine. It's Fenthaza.

She tells Diath that he can replace Ras Nsi. "Command us." She tells Diath that he is special because of his "ancient soul." End of session.