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This is Episode 79 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 79: The Nightmare Scenario[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Rachel Seeley) Miranda- Elf Druid

(Ross) Wumba - Batiri Goblin

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The Return of Wumba[ | ]


Miranda creates a gloaming court, a safe place to rest. She asks Paultin about the ring of winter. She explains that the elves sent the ring away for a reason. Miranda doesn't think it's safe in his hands.

Strix is in the mazes with Ubtao. She's really angry about her situation. The Evelyn doll consoles her.

Strix hears something big coming toward her from the mazes. The trees that make up the maze split open. It is a hut walking on chicken feet. It's Baba Yaga's dancing hut.

Ubtao wants her to run, but she refuses. The Diath puppet is on her hat.

Meanwhile in the tomb, Evelyn comes to a room with a panel.

She tries to calm down and prays: "Lathander, it's me. Evelyn your servant. I don't know what to do. I don't know why you blessed me with these people. Their souls are in danger, I don't know how to stop it.  I'm nothing without you."

She asks for help in deciphering the symbols on the wall.

Wumba's here, somehow. Wumba tries to answer her prayer,  pretending to be Lathander, but she sees right through it.

He sees the console and the black egg bomb. There are a few creatures heading this way - gargoyles with four arms. Wumba spits in Evelyn's face.

Wumba starts messing with the dials. The nearby rooms shake and rotate. The gargoyles are no longer able to get at Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Diath has three yuan-ti ladies writhing around him. He asks them, "What makes you think I have an ancient soul?" He gets to his feet.

Fenthaza strokes his face and says he'd be so much prettier with scales.

She points him to a door that opens on its own. Fenthaza says, "We can't help you, you must face him alone." In the room is a rectangular room with a slab of stone with a bleeding dead body on it. 

Ras Nsi[ | ]

Ras Nsi is in here. Diath draws Gutter and he charges Ras Nsi.

Elsewhere, Paultin assumes his friends are gone for good. He tells Miranda that he's looking for a new group. Miranda points out that she lost her group, too.

In the mazes, Strix spots Ubtao's talisman hooked on a tree and takes it. She looks at the maze inscribed on it and notes that there is no exit.

Strix remembers that Ubtao will grant favor to the one who can find their path through his maze. She traces her finger through the maze and gets a number of splinters. She tries to use her tongue to find her way through the maze.

The air in front of her rips open... it's a gash in the fabric of the realm. She sticks her head in. She sees Diath. He runs right past her (Jared rolled a one on his perception check to notice her). Diath attacks Ras Nsi.

In the tomb, Wumba slips out of Evelyn's grasp. He tries to reason with her. Evelyn makes him flinch.

He tells her, "I'm the only people you got.." and he dabs.

There are pipes in here. Something is crawling through them. It's another Wumba. Ross controls both of them.

Evelyn tries to stop Wumba from hitting a button. She hits him for 14 damage.

Evelyn hits the blue button. Everyone in the party suddenly hears a sound like a PA system coming on. A third Wumba appears in the room that Evelyn is in.

Paultin agrees to sneak back into the yuan-ti lair using pass without a trace. Paultin and Miranda go down by the water, near the door that enters the yuan-ti lair. There's a giant serpentine creature in the water. Paultin heard it but can't see it. He sees that it has a number of heads. It's a hydra.

Paultin draws the sunsword.

Chris loses his connection and Jared quickly takes over as DM, dispensing 80 potions of healing. Chris is back.

It's Ras Nsi's turn. Ras slices into Diath and drops him, but Diath is death-warded, so he has one hit point. Ras Nsi slices into him again. He's dying. Ras constricts Strix.

Waffle Crew Reunited[ | ]

The Wumbas form a battlestack. The stack is one foot taller than Evelyn. The Wumbas offer to help with the buttons and levers. All three Wumbas spit on Evelyn.

Wumba throws another wounded Wumba at her.

Miranda goes in to the dungeon and she can hear Strix screaming.

Strix misty steps out of the grasp of Ras Nsi and she drops a fireball on him. She kills him. His sword clatters to the ground.

Evelyn converts one of the Wumbas to Lathander. Evelyn tells Lathander that "Even the lowest of us are blessed by your holy light." Wumba is offended.

Evelyn pulls the lever. The floor opens up. She and the Wumbas fall into the room where Strix and Diath are. Miranda and Paultin arrive as well..

Miranda is sad. All of her friends are dead. Evelyn approaches Strix.

Evelyn initiates a group hug and includes Miranda.

Strix asks Diath if he's an angel.

Chris asks the group to make perception checks. Those who succeed notice that the egg bomb is ticking. End of session.