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This is Episode 92 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 92 - Bomb Voyage[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Last time, Laric Dashland had asked the group to make maps of Omu, Orolunga and Nangalore. They never went to Nangalore.

The group has an explosive device in the shape of an egg. One of Diath's keys is stuck in the egg, preventing the timer from going all the way down and causing it to explode. They found an iron token on their doorstep and someone tried to poison the group.

Laric says that the two maps that the group has are enough for the group to gain passage on the Brazen Pegasus, which will take them to Waterdeep. Laric makes a somewhat ominous comment to Captain Ortimay: "They paid for a smooth, fast ride."

Strix goes to buy food for Waffles for the trip. After that, the group learns that they will need to pay tribute to the dragon turtle in order to exit the bay. Evelyn goes through her stuff, and remembers that she has a bunch of items taken from the yakfolk village: 4 blocks of incense, a censer, a mask, and bead jewelry.

Evelyn then realizes that perhaps all the dragon turtle will need is a song by Paultin. "We should bank everything on Paultin playing a song!"

Paultin shows the captain the token that was left on the steps of the home the group was staying in last session. Captain Ortimay is alarmed and rethinks letting the group ride with her. Paultin quickly casts suggestion to convince her it's a fake.

The captain explains that the coin is linked to the Ytepka Society, a secret organization that deals with troublemakers. The coin is a warning. Paultin distracts her and tosses the coin into the water.

Diath suggests that they don't run away from their problems for once. He wants to stay and deal with the Ytepka Society. Evelyn is up for this, because she really doesn't want to go to Waterdeep.

The captain wants Strix to take a bath. The group debates going to the bath house.

Evelyn almost convinces the group to go, but ultimately she goes to the bath house alone. She talks to the people who work there, and learns that the Ytepka Society are good guys. Chris asks her to make a perception check. Anna rolls a 6. She's got a cucumber over one eye, and that may have factored in to the failure.

Evelyn writes a letter to her pen pal, Omin.

Out on the streets of Port Nyanzaru, Diath learns all of that, plus he finds out that the Ytepka are trying to keep the Zhentarim from taking over, and that they oppose the pirates. There are less than 50 members. They have a secret hand symbol: a Triceratops horn hand gesture (hold up three fingers).

Diath spots someone on a rooftop watching them. The person has a staff and is wearing fine robes. Paultin dimension doors up to the roof. It's a humanoid - Zindar, the half-dragon man. He's got a staff with a green orb at the top. Zindar is the harbormaster of Port Nyanzaru.

Suddenly, someone comes up out of the bath water and garrotes Evelyn. Evelyn gets stabbed and poisoned. She fails her saving throw and falls unconscious.

Zindar wants to attack Paultin. Diath does the ytepka hand symbol, which calms down the half-dragon. Zindar explains that the token was not for the group. The ytepkas have realized that the token is meant for the Awful Crew, the clones of the heroes.

Strix had met Zindar back when she was adventuring with Omin. She tells Zindar what has been going on, and that there might be more clones on the way.

The group returns to the bath house and sees a crowd gathering. They hear people talking, saying that assassins were in there trying to kill someone. The group uses invisibility and gaseous form to get past the guards.

To their relief, they learn that Evelyn was saved by two wet cat-people, who chased off the assassins. Evelyn thanks them, and is annoyed that her new body has been marred.

The tabaxi are named Rivermist and Flask of Wine. Paultin gets a look at Evelyn, and for once, she is not wearing her boots. He sees that Evelyn is missing the lower part of one leg. She's apparently been hiding it with a prosthetic.

Reunited, the heroes get on the boat and argue about whether or not to "give" the bomb to the turtle. Strix and Diath want to do it. Paultin and Evelyn are shocked to find themselves as the voice of reason.

They go back and forth as the ship sets sail. The dragon turtle rises up from the depths and demands tribute.

Paultin wants to give it his mandolin. Evelyn decides to fly over and talk to the creature. The dragon turtle's name is Aremag. The water around it becomes a churning cauldron. One of its eyes is clouded over with cataracts

It bellows, "Dump it."

She throws some treasure to Aremag and asks, "Do you like music?"


Paultin throws the mandolin at the dragon turtle. Evelyn tries to catch it. Rolls a natural 1. Anna rolls at least four natural 1's tonight. She is able to get the mandolin before Aremag does.

Diath is holding the egg bomb, which still has the key jammed into it. Suddenly, the key comes out. Evil Paultin is invisible! He throws the key overboard! He wants the mandolin.

Diath kicks Evil Paultin overboard. Evil Paultin falls into the water.

Evelyn hasn't ever seen Evil Paultin before, so she makes a perception check to see if she can tell the difference. Natural 1. She dives in and saves him.

Once she realizes he's the fake, she throws him into the turtle's mouth. He grabs the mandolin from her as he plummets into the turtle's mouth.

Strix dives into the ocean and searches for Diath's key. She eventually finds it, but the dragon turtle attacks her! It does 52 damage to her. She's still up.

Strix dimension doors up to the ship. She's got 2 hit points left. The dragon turtle surfaces and clamps down on the ship.

Diath wants to blow up the dragon turtle. He throws it into the dragon turtle's mouth. It dives down.. and then there is a flash of blue energy. A white explosion shoots up into the air.

The ship is blown forward on a great swell of water. Only the back end of the vessel is touching the sea.

The crew of the Brazen Pegasus is able to keep the shift upright, surfing a wave for about half a mile before the water calms.

Cut to Port Nyanzaru. Windows are blown out. The explosion tears through masts, sails and brick. The statue in the harbor is toppled.

Assassins ask the tabaxi where the heroes have gone. They say, "Waterdeep." End of session.