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This is Episode 93 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 93 - The Storm Before the Calm[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Last episode, the heroes used the egg bomb on Aremag, the dragon turtle. The ship they are on survived, but it appears that Port Nyanzaru was hit hard by the explosion.

The Fate of Port Nyanzaru[ | ]

Diath panics, hoping everyone is OK. Strix throws up over the side of the ship. Evelyn is clutching Paultin.

Diath looks for signs that Evil Paultin is actually dead. He sees part of a large flipper fall into the sea. Other bits might be birds or fish... meat is falling from the sky.

Evelyn asks Paultin why he gave up his mandolin. Paultin is quite angry.

Evelyn looks through a spyglass and sees people and dinosaurs washing into the bay of Port Nyanzaru. She can't tell if they are alive or dead. A lot of the buildings are damaged - pulled off their foundations. Evelyn wants to go back and help. The rest of the group does not.

Diath is freaking out, thinking he might have killed a bunch of people.

There's a storm coming. The captain wants to tie the group down, but they're too busy arguing.

Evelyn says that the group demolished the city because they couldn't make a decision. Strix asks the captain to tell the group why they can't go back. The captain says there's probably nowhere to dock the ship.

Diath begs Evelyn to tell him what to do. She says that they need to help those in need. The captain asks Evelyn if she can bring back the dead. Strix suggests sending a letter to Omin. He can help them.

Evelyn gets ready to abandon the group and fly to Port Nyanzaru. Paultin says she's being self-righteous. Her says they had a solution. What good is the mandolin if he's dead? "None of you are survivors. It's getting to be way too much. Do what you want."

Evelyn asks him why he's even here any more. Paultin says he doesn't even know. She ultimately decides to write a letter to Omin.

Holly points out that Strix has two hit points.

The Storm[ | ]

The ship sails onward and the group gets tied down. The storm comes. The mast of the ship is hit by lightning. It's fine. Diath is wondering what the ship is made of.

The ship nears jagged peaks of rock. On one rock is an immense, 20-30 foot tall being who is casting a spell.

Strix wants to counterspell it, but she can't because she's tied up. She misty steps out of the ropes. Paultin slips out of his bonds as well.

She tries to counterspell - so does Paultin. The spell is higher than level 3, so they have to make checks. They both succeed! The spell is shut down, but the storm rages on.

Strix falls into the water. She uses alter self to give herself gills. Evelyn frees herself and summons Mourning Glory as the ship is rocked by the storm. Strix, Evelyn and Paultin fail Dexterity saves and they are swept off the ship. They take 43 points of damage. Only Diath is still tied up.

Strix is deep underwater. Evelyn casts locate object on Strix's staff so she can find her. Paultin is able to summon the waffle hut, which keeps him safe from the storm.

Strix casts greenflame blade on her staff to make it easier to find her.

Diath sees the captain's wheel spinning. A crewmember is trying to make his way to the wheel. Diath looks at the huge creature on the rock and is pretty certain that she is a storm giant.

Strix is underwater. She doesn't know which way is up. There's a storm giant down there. Strix waves at him. He grabs her and begins swimming upward.

Evelyn's in the water. The female storm giant dives in and is coming for her. Evelyn sees Strix coming closer. She doesn't see the boat at all.

Paultin is in the hut. He begins drinking. A hand grabs the hut, but the hut won't budge.

Diath takes the wheel and tries to steer the ship, but he doesn't know what he's doing.

Evelyn sees a crewmember in the water, holding on to flotsam. He's in danger. Evelyn goes to help him.

Strix realizes that the storm giants are friendly and were likely trying to shut down the storm. She uses a spell to write in the sky, "They're nice!"

Realizing that they are nice, Strix says aloud that they messed up again and that maybe the group should retire.

The giants put the heroes back on the ship.

Evelyn is still in the water, injured badly. She is kissed on the lips by a mermaid, and is healed for 10 points. The mermaid's hair is black and she wears coral jewelry. She's accompanied by a giant, pink and violet seahorse. She swims alongside it. They swim through the waves and seem to enjoy it. They bring the heroes toward the ship.

There are also mermen nearby. They rescue the crewmember.

The captain is nowhere to be found. 1st mate Brigg Ruddell barks commands tells the crew to secure the lines.

Safe on the ship, Evelyn giggles to herself and touches her lips. She sees that Paultin hasn't said a single word. She sits next to him and says, "I'm really sorry about your mandolin."

Paultin tells her that the mandolin was "...one of the last things tying me from where I came from." He felt like getting rid of it would get rid of his painful past, and maybe that would let him embrace his new friends. He thinks maybe he should have held onto it and sold it.

Paultin wonders every day why he is with these lunatics. He can't bring himself to leave, and that makes him angry.

Diath hears a strange humming noise. It's from his key ring. One of his keys is missing. One he hasn't had before is there - a silvery key emblazoned with the symbol of a crescent moon. It is the symbol of the famous wizard, Elminster. End of session.

Evelyn had sent Omin a letter regarding the damage to Port Nyanzaru. Jerry posted his reply on twitter right here.

Elminster's Letter[ | ]

After the session ended, Chris revealed a letter meant to be mailed to Jared along with a USB key. Chris also specified that Diath had a normal key and did not have a copy of the note. The letter reads as follows:

Dearest sir or madam,

If you are reading this, then you may yet prove indispensable in a matter to the gravest importance to my world. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I--Elminster, Sage of Shadowdale--found myself in possession of a magical artifact that held within it the deepest secrets of the Forgotten Realms. Now, all mages know there is nothing quite so powerful as knowledge, and when secrets fall into the wrong hands, there can be nothing quite so dangerous. So paramount was the need for secrecy that I dare not even refer to the stone by name, and so forbidden were its contents that I did not trust even one such as myself to keep it safe from those who would use its secrets for ill; nor was there anywhere in the Forgotten Realms I could hide the artifact that was sure to remain safely beyond my enemies' reach. And when there is no suitable hiding place to be found anywhere in the realm, one must turn his sights to realms beyond your so-called--

Well, enough of that. Secrets yet to be revealed. No stone unturned, as they say.

Yours sincerely,

Elminster Omar, Sage of Shadowdale