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This is Episode 95 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 95 - Specter of the Zhentarim[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Dani) Wandala - Half-Elf Sorcerer

The Twin[ | ]

The heroes have arrived in Waterdeep. Warrington Munt is polishing his medals. The giff says to the group, "Dingdong, Pippin, I need supplies!"

The heroes spot the enemy Zhentarim ship. Then they notice a familiar figure in the crowd at the docks - It's Xandala! Strix turns into rats and follows her. Xandala approaches the Zhentarim on the enemy ship. Diath quietly moves into the crowd to monitor the situation.

Paultin rides on Warrington Munt's back and goes invisible. Evelyn rides on Waffles with Simon.

Strix hears them talking about some sort of war. Something about how negotiations with the Xanathar were going well, but its paranoia is ruining the chances of the merger.

They start talking about the waffle crew, and how they need to be watched. Then, the Zhentarim captain spots the group gawking at her. Xandala's job is to figure out what the group is doing. She approaches Warrington and the heroes and asks them what they're doing. Warrington loudly declares that they're looking for guns.

The group doesn't completely recognize her. It looks like Xandala, but not quite. Her pseudodragon is nowhere to be seen. Warrington introduces the group as "Dingdong, Pippin", etc. Xandala claims that she is actually "Wandala", twin sister of Xandala.

Diath makes an insight check and rolls a 5. Anna and Holly both rolls natural 20's. They think she's being sincere.

The Attack[ | ]

Suddenly, 3 ogres with gills on their necks rise up out of the water. They have balls and chains around their ankles. Their gills flap a little. They look around, confused. Then a voice says, "kill them!"

Who said it? Standing on a crate near the ogres is a tiefling girl, who looks to be 8 or 9 years old. She has a cleft palate and is wearing tattered clothing. She's accompanied by a baseball-sized beholder, that is slobbering.

Two invisible dwarves arrive, too, and swing at Wandala. She thinks they were sent by the Xanathar.

More goons show up! They are thugs with tattoos of third eyes on their foreheads.

Another assailant arrives. It's a man with no face. He's got tattoos that sort of draw a face on. He stabs at Diath. His name is Odium, and he has no eyes, ear or mouth.

Strix tries to polymorph the little girl, but she makes her save. Paultin tries a crown of madness on an ogre, but it mysteriously fails.

Simon fires off a sleep dart and knocks out the little girl.

All 3 ogres start beating down Paultin. Warrington Munt sees that the bard is in danger and says "On my way, Pippin!"

The little beholder fires a ray at Diath. Strength save: 22. It shoots another ray at him, but he makes his save again. Diath wants to kill it. He runs up and slices it in half!

Waffles is wounded pretty badly. Evelyn goes nuts and does a pile of damage to the assailant.

Wandala attacks Odium, who had been transformed into a seagull. Xandala hits him with a critical and he crashes on the pier. She follows up with a hold person spell, stopping Odium in his tracks. Wandala looks at the Zhentarim leader... should she kill this guy?

There's a fear spell on Warrington Munt. A dwarf dispels it. Odium is turned back into a seagull, but he is still held.

They hear the city watch's whistles. They'll be here shortly. The heads of the bad guys begin literally exploding.

A man walks up out of the water. He's wielding a blue crystal axe. It's called Azuredge. Evelyn asks him if he wants to hang out. His name is Meloon. She asks him to be on the crew's team instead. He says, "OK".

He walks over and kills Odium.Evelyn likes this dude. He smiles at her.

Strix notices that the little girl is gone.

Two griffon riders are heading toward the heroes.

The Xanathar's Schemes[ | ]

A half-orc woman sees Paultin hiding under some crates. She asks him if he's OK. She thinks Paultin needs medical aid. She holds out a hand and tells him she'll protect him. Tattooed on her arm is a black winged snake, the symbol of the Zhentarim.

A dwarf comes over to heal Paultin. She heals him for 26 points.

She gives him a card that says "Istrid Horn, Moneylender." It has an address on it. He gives it back.

The griffon riders show up. They're the guards of the city. Meloon quietly asks Evelyn not to tell them he was with the bad guys. She agrees. Meloon asks her if she's single. Paultin suddenly perks up and points Meloon out to the guards, and they take him away.

The group learns that the Zhentarim were looking at merging with Xanathar's crew. They explain that the Xanathar is tyrannical, but generous to those who are loyal.

Wandala says she's a member of the Zhentarim who would like the organization to go legit. She starts to say that the Xanathar is looking for some kind of stone, but the other Zhentarim cut her off.

The group is unnerved to learn that the Xanathar is a beholder.

The waffle crew agrees to meet with the Zhentarim to talk about this Xanathar problem. They really want to go shopping, first.

During the battle, Strix looted a magic dagger. She hands it to Diath. Once attuned to it, he can make it go ghostly. While holding the dagger, he can cast misty step at will. Each time he does so, he gains 5 temporary hit points. He can use a bonus action to cause it to appear in his hand after he throws it.

The group wants him to name it. Chris suggests "Misty". The group is not feeling it.

Davel Starsong and Yagra, members of the Zhentarim, will send a coach for the group.

Wandala feels bad for the group and gives them a potion of greater healing and gloves of thievery.

The group says goodbye to Wandala. As they head into the city, they see the shadow of a beholder. It speaks: "We're not done!"

End of Session.