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This is Episode 99 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 99 - Trashomancy[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Trollskull Manor[ | ]

The group had befriended Magnus, who gave them an estate. Some time has passed. The snow is gone. It's getting warmer. Springtime in Waterdeep. It is during this time period that Diath teamed up with Acquisitions, Inc.

There are a number of unseen servants who prepare certain things for them. One of them sweeps. Diath has a fear of brooms, so he gives that one a wide berth.

Strix has a set-up in the basement where she can make potions.

Paultin gives us a look at his new crib. He says he pranks Diath by hiding his keys.

Strix had given Paultin a necklace with a ring and a cog on it. Almost every day, Paultin has a moment where he feels like he has been disintegrated again - he's having dreams that this is happening.

Evelyn gets up and is sort of a wreck, but she hides up in the master bedroom and comes down when she's chipper.

The building they live in is known as Trollskull Manor, which is situated on Trollskull ave. There's a mini-market there - a blacksmith, a garden/floral center and private residences.

Trollskull Manor was, at various times, a tavern, a bed and breakfast, and an orphanage. It can be both residential and commercial.

Strix is interested in making it into a bakery.

Strix wonders if the unseen servants are ghosts of the orphans. No, she eventually figures out that a wizard created permanent unseen servants.

Evelyn is constantly working on improving on the house. Strix is going through other people's garbage and brings it to her room. She's a hoarder.

Wizard Registration[ | ]

There's a knock on the main door, which leads into the tap room. At the door is two gentlemen. Barnabus Blastwind - inspector Barnabus Blastwind is short and pudgy, wearing wizard robes. Next to him is a tall, lanky fellow with a beak nose and wearing worn-out city watch garb.. He is retired sergeant Saith Cromley. They're here to investigate Strix's garbage theft.

Evelyn is excited that they have guests. Strix learns that she has to register as a mage. The Watchful Order may need her - she must be willing to defend the city if called upon.

The inspectors explain that there's a problem in the neighborhood. Piles of trash are ambling around and threatening the citizens. They've caught one. They want Strix to help them figure out what's going on.

Paultin has invented a drink - the White Barovian.

Once Diath returns from his morning shopping routine, the group agrees to go take a gander at the captured trash monster.

The waffle crew heads to the building and finds that it is haunted - the ghost inside is polite and welcomes visitors. There are posters for a play called the Blood Wedding - a play about love, jealousy and death. This play is based on the story of Count Strahd von Zarovich.

The group goes inside. The dead owner appears before them. He holds a ghostly top hat in his hands. He floats and gives them a default welcome. He is the ghost of Brizzenbright.

The Trash Monster[ | ]

The heroes descend stairs that lead to the main auditorium, where there is a wooden stage. The group detects the scent of garbage.

They're on the set of Castle Ravenloft. There's even bats hanging from little wires. There is a throne just like the one on the cover of Curse of Strahd. Paultin gets in the chair and does the Strahd pose.

The monster approaches. It's a shambling mound made of garbage! It attacks.

Diath stabs it. It bleeds. A corpse is inside of the creature.

The mound actually attacks and absorbs Paultin. Paultin is sucked inside of it.

Evelyn is half-pulled in.

Strix uses her trash magic knowledge. She knows that the creature is immune to lightning and is blind. Strix hits it with a fireball and uses careful spell to avoid injuring her allies.

Diath hits it with a natural 20. He tears it open like a cheap suit. Evelyn is freed and the monster is dead.

After some investigating, the group realizes that somebody is using old broadsheets that contain arcane markings to animate this and other creatures. The broadsheet is a gossip rag about ship captains - all of them are from the same date.

At the top of the sheet, underneath the banner, is the publishing address.

Paultin wants to keep the Strahd throne. Strix animates it and he rides it. He is able to get it back to Trollskull Manor. The inspectors thank the heroes and tell them there's more work to be done if they are interested.

Later, Strix recalls an incident from long ago when she got into a dispute with a kenku who may be linked to those old broadsheets.

End of session.