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Season 1 - Curse of Strahd[ | ]

Episode 1 - Velcome: A band of heroes were going to get some waffles when they were sucked into the mists of Barovia, a realm ruled by the evil vampire Strahd Von Zarovich.

Episode 2 - Dance Card: The heroes battle a vampire and meet Ireena, a woman that Strahd is obsessed with.

Episode 3 - What Sweet Music: The Waffle Crew experiences a fateful Tarokka reading that determines many aspects of the adventure.

Episode 4 - Flour Children: The group has a sprawling battle with hags that live in a windmill.

Episode 5 - Raven Kind: The epic battle with the hags is concluded.

Episode 6 - All Will Be Well: The group arrives in Vallaki. They meet Rictavio, who interprets Madame Eva's reading.

Episode 7 - Unhappy Days: Diath kills a guard and is scheduled for execution.

Episode 8 - Really Most Sincerely Dead: The Waffle Crew tries to find a way to bring Diath back.

Episode 9 - Nine-Tenths of the Law: Diath's spirit possesses Paultin's body as the group explores the abbey.

Episode 10 - It Tolls for Thee: The group tries to convince the abbot to bring Diath back from the dead.

Episode 11 - Devil's Bride: Strahd shows up to take Ireena away.

Episode 12 - A Grave Mistake: The Waffle Crew fight a desperate battle against Strahd.

Episode 13 - Were Are We: Evelyn has become a werewolf and is now a danger to her friends.

Episode 14 - Inhuman Nature: Strix fights for control of an evil magic staff.

Episode 15 - Tree of Woe: The group has a memorable battle against an evil tree.

Episode 16 - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Evelyn goes on a rampage in werewolf form and may have killed a baby.

Episode 17 - The Road Never Traveled: The group travels with a man they don't trust and encounter some demon guardians.

Episode 18 - The Simulacrum: The Waffle Crew is nearly wiped out by the Amber Temple and has one of the darkest moments of the whole campaign.

Episode 19 - Trapped in Amber: Paultin is imprisoned in Castle Ravenloft.

Episode 20 - The Vampiric Persuasion: Strahd tries to convince Paultin to join him.

Episode 21 - Nevermore: Paultin tries to escape Castle Ravenloft as the group explores the Amber Temple.

Episode 22 - Dead Meat: Strix is mortally wounded in a battle with vampires.

Episode 23 - Van Richten's Wild Ride: To save Strix, Diath makes a dark pact with an evil entity.

Episode 24 - Twitching Hour: This is a special live show held at TwitchCon 2016. The group went to Van Richten's tower and got attacked by witches. Diath had an epic battle with a broom.

Episode 25 - I Dream of Vistani: The heroes get a big surprise and go to find a lost little girl.

Episode 26 - The Greater Good: The Waffle Crew debates killing a little girl to defeat a greater evil.

Episode 27 - Thing in the Rug: Diath does the unthinkable and the group sets fire to an entire vistani camp.

Episode 28 - Everything's Fine!: The heroes explore Argynvostholt and discover the Icon of Ravenkind.

Episode 29 - Dark Horses: The group teams up with Mordenkainen, goes to Castle Ravenloft and battles Rahadin.

Episode 30 - Nail in the Coffin: Diath is cured of his curse and Lightfall is enchanted by Saint Markovia.

Episode 31 - Let There Be Light: The final showdown with Strahd!

Season 2 - Storm King's Thunder[ | ]

Episode 32 - No Place Like Home: The heroes befriend Zog the dwarf, fight some orcs and realize that at least one terrifying entity has followed them from Barovia.

Episode 33 - Were and Tear: The Waffle Crew completes their epic quest to eat waffles. Then, they make friends with an owlbear and battle werewolves who are intent on freeing Strahd.

Episode 34 - Thine Own Elf: The group fights alongside the legendary hero Drizzt Do'Urden. They give him the Strahd doll for safekeeping. Drizzt decides to take it to Gauntlgrym, the legendary home of the dwarves.

Episode 35 - Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum: The Crew rests at the grove of a dryad and ends up in a deadly battle with a band of hungry hill giants.

Episode 36 - Small Packages: Things go very wrong as the heroes try to get to their destination.

Episode 37 - Royal Rumble: The group gets in the middle of a massive battle between the dwarves of Citadel Adbar.

Episode 38 - Icebreaker: The heroes set out for Ironslag and meet a frost giant.

Episode 39 - Fortune Favors the Cold: The group has an epic battle with a chimera and they infiltrate a yakfolk village.

Episode 40 - Big Yak Attack: An epic battle against the yakfolk.

Episode 41 - Evil Inside: Rooting out enemies and helping the freed slaves.

Episode 42 - Home Fires: The heroes have a sprawling encounter in the foundry.

Episode 43 - Meltdown: The Waffle Crew's luck runs out against the fire giants.

Episode 44 - Animals in Heat: An owlbear, a mouse and a cranium rat explore Ironslag.

Episode 45 - Fire Giant Override: The heroes learn a bit about the adamantine heart.

Episode 46 - Heartbroken: An epic battle against the fire giants.

Episode 47 - Apocalypse Drow: A band of drow stumble upon the Wafflecrew, who are in dire straits.

Episode 48 - The Hero Conundrum: The Waffle Crew is torn on what to do next.

Episode 49 - Distraction Force: It is time to capture Maegara, the fire primordial!

Episode 50 - Mountain of Ashes: The Waffle Crew battles the dao.

Episode 51 - Bite the Dust: Special live show at the Stream of Annihilation!

Episode 52 - Can't Hurt Sunshine: Evelyn has to die in order to save her friends. A must-see if you've been following the show.

Episode 53 - The Double-Edged Sword: The group is split. Diath gets a sword connected to Sigil while Evelyn and Paultin end up... somewhere else.

Episode 54 - Together Forever: The Wafflecrew is in Barovia. Paultin is to become the new ruler of the realm.

Episode 55 - Flesh and Blood: The wedding is a fiasco!

Episode 56 - Prime Evil: The Wafflecrew time travels?!

Episode 57 - Wrath of Strahd: The heroes have dinner with pre-vampire Strahd.

Episode 58 - Bloodbath: Probably the most consequential episode of the series so far. Unskippable!

Episode 59 - Snowflakes in Kronenheim: The group makes friends with an airship captain.

Episode 60 - The Red, the White, and the Crew: The Wafflecrew track down Artus Cimber and fight a dragon.

Episode 61 - End of the World: The adventurers make a deal with Shemeshka.

Season 3 - Tomb of Annihilation[ | ]

Episode 62 - Abandon Ship: A dragon attacks the airship.

Episode 63 - Bad Dates: The Sewn Sisters creep everyone out.

Episode 64 - In Guide we Trust: The heroes acquire protection from the Soulmonger.

Episode 65 - Bait and Twitch: Live from TwitchCon, the crew heads into the jungle of Chult.

Episode 66 - Ghosts & Goblins: The heroes enter a trapped shrine and Evelyn meets a saint.

The DCA Puppet Show: The entire series recapped in sock puppet form!

Episode 67 - Vengeance is Mine: A camp in turmoil and a grung ambush await the Waffle Crew.

Episode 68 - Grung at Heart: The Wafflecrew battle poison-skinned frog people.

Episode 69 - PAX Sub Optimal: LIVE show at PAX! The heroes actually go to the city of Sigil.

Episode 70 - The Serpent Eats the Sun: Wumba returns and Evelyn gets into it with Dendar.

Episode 71 - Flower Power: The Wafflecrew meets with the oracle of Orolunga.

Episode 72 - The Star Goddess: The Waffles vs. Artus Cimber?!

Episode 73 - Tortle Recall: The Wafflecrew reminisce on how they all met.

Episode 74 - Gods Rest Ye Merry Waffle Crew: The Waffle Crew is at last in the lost city of Omu!

Episode 75 - Apex Predator: Everyone wants the ring of winter.

Episode 76 - Band on the Run: The battle with the red dragon.

Episode 77 - Come Slither: The heroes enter the fane of the yuan-ti.

Episode 78 - Mortal Coils: The group learns all sorts of amazing secrets!

Episode 79 - The Nightmare Scenario: The Waffle Crew faces their worst fears.

Episode 80 - Kaboom it May Concern: The egg bomb is about to explode!

Episode 81 - Alignment: Paultin turns against the group.

Episode 82 - Drinking Man's Game: The Waffle Crew goes to the Shadowfell.

Episode 83 - Ice in the Veins: Paultin vs. the Waffle Crew!

Episode 84 - Domain Event: What happens to the Ring of Winter?

Episode 85 - Two and Two Together: The heroes meet the Raven Queen!

Episode 86 - Simon Says: Evelyn falls and the death curse is suddenly, unexpectedly lifted.

Episode 87 - Neccessary Evelyn: The Wafflecrew meet Death, escape the Shadowfell, and Evelyn is in the afterlife.

Episode 88 - The Awful Crew: Evil clones of the Wafflecrew rampage through Port Nyanzaru.

Episode 89 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: The Awful Crew meet Evil Evelyn, and the Wafflecrew strike a deal with the Sewn Sisters.

Episode 90 - Vicious Mockeries: Omin Dran arrives to resurrect Evelyn, but the Crew instead defeat most of their evil clones.

Season 4 - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist[ | ]

Episode 91 - Rise and Shine: Evelyn is resurrected along with Simon.

Episode 92 - Bomb Voyage: The Wafflecrew secure passage out of Chult (and blow up a dragon).

Episode 93 - The Storm Before the Calm: A storm hits on the voyage to Waterdeep.

Episode 94 - North by Northwest: The Wafflecrew meet a shipwrecked giff named Warrington Munt and find themselves pursed by the Zhentarim.

Episode 95 - Specter of the Zhentarim: The heroes get caught in the middle of a gang war between the Zhentarim and the Xanathar's Guild.

Episode 96 - Eyes on the Prize: The hunt is on for the Stone of Golorr, and the party attends ChairCon.

Episode 97 - When Chickens Come Home to Roost: Diath is confronted by the survivors of the Ironslag Inferno.

Episode 98 - Father and Sun: The party fights Nihiloor the mind flayer, Evelyn learns that Lathander is being replaced by Amaunator, and Magnus gives the party Trollskull Manor.

Episode 99 - Trashomancy: Trash monsters attack at a play about the life of Strahd!

Episode 100a - Waffles Incorporated: Evelyn and Paultin visit Red Larch at Omin Dran's request and are attacked by the Mercykillers before being drawn into Barovia.

Episode 100b - Waffles Incorporated: Mercykillers attack Trollskull Manor, looking to arrest the planar criminals, Strix and Diath.

Episode 100c - Waffles Incorporated: Rudolf van Richten warns of a great evil, and Evelyn gets her own Domain of Dread.

Episode 100d - Waffles Incorporated: The tragic story of Lashka and Vadir comes to an end.

Episode 100e - Waffles Incorporated: The Blood War comes to Nightstone, and the Wafflecrew meet Asmodeus.

Episode 101 - Doll in the Family: Simon has a secret.

Episode 102 - The Fast and the Furriest: Three street urchins come to the rescue of Waffles, who has been captured by the Xanathar.

Episode 103 - Trolltide: Everyone gets in the Trolltide spirit.

Episode 104 - Homecoming: The Wafflecrew learns the Xanathar wants the Stone of Golorr, and Sister Narae asks about the Ring of Winter.

Episode 105 - There Goes the Neighborhood: Binwin Bronzebottom visits the party's bakery.

Episode 106 - Once Smitten: The Xanathar threatens the Spires of the Morning, but all he really wants is Evelyn. Binwin blinds the beholder, but is disintegrated.

Episode 107 - Eye for an Eye: Kozin Xorlarrin gets a new job and invites the Wafflecrew to settle their score with the Xanathar.

Episode 108 - Kozin Effect: The Wafflecrew invade the Xanathar's lair to steal his goldfish.

Episode 109 - A Fish Called Sylgar: Fight with the Xanathar.

Episode 110 - Hippocratic Oaf: Warrington Munt returns with a heaping helping of smokepowder.

Episode 111 - The Egg is Broken: Artus Cimber's wife, Alisanda, pays Paultin a visit.

Episode 112 - Zone of Truth: A much-needed therapy session.

Episode 113 - Easy Bake Coven: Strix welcomes some new recruits to the Chicken Foot Coven.

Episode 114 - Thieves' Cant: Diath goes to see Esvele Rosznar and finds more than he bargained for. Esvele reveals she wants the party's help finding the hoard of gold hidden in Waterdeep.

Episode 115 - Live and Let Liven't: The Wafflecrew come face-to-face with Strahd.

Episode 116 - Dawn of a New Day: With Strahd dead, the Wafflecrew visit the Spires of the Morning, but no one is a fan of the changes that Father Sunbright has introduced.

Episode 117 - Character Assassination: Diath is put on trial for the murder of Father Sunbright. Jarlaxle Baenre tells him who the real killer was.

Episode 118 - Tendays of Our Lives: Evelyn meets Talastin Darragon, Paultin starts a charity, Diath wallows in prison, and Strix worries that she's been cursed.

Episode 119 - Wafflegangers: Doppelgangers disguised as Diath and Paultin search the Wafflehaus, while the rest of the crew battle Zhentarim assassins led by Manshoon.

Episode 120 - Fireside Episode: PAX Unplugged 2018 show! Processing everything that's happened, the Wafflecrew reveal secrets about themselves even the others don't know!

Episode 121- Simonocchio: Simon is polymorphed into a real boy, while Diath and Paultin interrogate Plurio the captured doppelganger.

Episode 122 - To Be or Not to Beestinger: Two giff from the Rock of Bral are assigned as bodyguards for one of Strix's Beestinger siblings, who wants to break his sister out of jail.

Episode 123 - Speak of the Devil: The Wafflecrew are invited to meet the Cassalanters, Waterdeep's foremost bankers, socialites, and worshipers of Asmodeus.

Episode 124 - The Perfect Pie: Jarlaxle employs the Chicken Foot Coven to help him bake a special pie for a visiting food critic.

Episode 125 - Three Ships: In a "choose-your-own-adventure" PAX South 2019 live show, the Wafflecrew visit the Sea Maiden's Faire while dealing with all kinds of things.

Episode 126 - Ring Wrath, Part 1: Miranda chases after a shadar-kai who stole the Ring of Winter and spirited it away to Paultin in Waterdeep. The Zhentarim, seeking the Ring themselves, make their move!

Episode 127 - Ring Wrath, Part 2: Manshoon has claimed the Ring of Winter, and it's up to the Wafflecrew, with the help of Miranda, Gwyneth, and Alisanda, to stop him!

Episode 128 - Beach Party: The Wafflecrew go to the beach! Meanwhile, Warrington Munt has a new friend.

Episode 129 - Ceremorphosis: After getting a package meant for someone named "Audra Nell", the party get wrapped up in an investigation that leads them to discover that what they were really looking for was coming from inside the house.

Episode 130 - Dimension Door: The Wafflecrew investigate the circumstances surrounding Warrington Munt's death, and visit a parallel dimension where they hear a familiar name.

Episode 131 - Shadow and Sunlight: That which was broken is made whole once again.

Episode 132 - Pushy Golorr and the Bidding War: The Stone of Golorr, key to finding the hidden vault of dragons, is being auctioned off, and everyone is invited to attend.

Episode 133 - The Sky is Falling, Part 1: The auction erupts into chaos as the Zhentarim, Harpers, Cassalanters, Jarlaxle, and the Wafflecrew all try to get their hands on the Stone of Golorr!

Episode 134 - The Sky is Falling, Part 2: Under attack from all sides, the Wafflecrew struggle to keep the Stone of Golorr for themselves.