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Escher is a vampire spawn (and implied consort) that Strahd has grown bored of. He has grey skin and wears the clothes of a noble. Escher is the former lover of Falkon.

The group came upon Escher's gravestone in the cemetery of Barovia.[1]

When Paultin was brought before Strahd, Escher showed Paultin around Castle Ravenloft and took a keen interest in him.[2]

Later on, Paultin cast suggestion on Escher and seemingly was able to convince him to turn against Strahd, at least for a time.[3]

When the group was drawn back into Barovia, it was Escher who first greeted them.[4] He wanted Paultin to marry Vasilka and then send her away so that Paultin and Escher could be together. Escher helped Paultin prepare for the wedding.[5] A massive battle erupted during the wedding. The roof collapsed and a huge chunk of the roof fell on Escher.[6] It is unknown whether he survived.