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Evelyn Marthain, a human paladin of Lathander, is one of the characters in Dice, Camera, Action, and played by Anna Prosser Robinson. Her full name is Evelyn Avalona Helvig Marthain.

Evelyn Marthain
Lady Evelyn Marthain
Race Human
Class Paladin (Oath of the Ancients)
Age Unknown
Alias(es) Lady Evelyn Marthain (title)
Affiliation(s) Church of Lathander
Played by Anna Prosser Robinson

Appearance[ | ]

Evelyn looks like a flyer in cheerleading. Tiny, but built! You might describe her face and hair as cherubic. She's definitely "cute but deadly."

She is exactly five feet tall with curly blonde hair and pale blue-gray eyes.

The power of her God seems to flow through her in unbelievable feats of strength.[1]

Evelyn kept it hidden for a long time, but apparently she is missing her left foot and uses a prosthetic. [2]

Background[ | ]

Evelyn came from a noble family in Waterdeep. She had a provincial, but overall privileged childhood. By tradition, she should be addressed as "lady," but she never requires the honorific and encourages people to "just call her Evelyn."

Evelyn doesn't really talk about it, but there doesn't seem to be much family or home for her to go back to. She's well known as a kind protector, and there's no particular scandal about her or her family, she just tends to focus on others and not say a whole lot about where she came from.[1]

The first time she entered a church of Lathander, she met a young priest who was wearing the holy symbol of Ravenkind. [3]

She learned a song from someone named Father Sunbright, which she sang when the waffle crew returned from their second trip to Barovia.[4]

Sometimes Evelyn didn't pay attention in "paladin school" because she was drawing horses.

A rumor has been heard once or twice around town that something happened to her poor lord and lady parents, and the most sinister of those whispers imply that Evelyn left home because she may be somehow to blame.

Evelyn was a fan of Paultin's music, and she would frequently attend his shows at run-down taverns in Waterdeep. It was at one such show at the Rusty Pommel that she met and befriended Diath and Strix, and the waffle crew was born. [5]

Personality[ | ]

This is what is listed on her character sheet: [1]

  • Personality Trait: The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.
  • Ideal: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.
  • Bond: My loyalty to my god is unwavering.
  • Flaw: In fact, the world does revolve around me. [6]

Her flaw "in fact, the world does revolve around me" manifests not so much in self-centeredness, but more in a steadfast, sometimes unreasonable optimism. "Everything will be all right" and "tomorrow is a new day" seem to be as far as Evelyn will go when talking about her past.

Key Events[ | ]

Here are some of the key moments of Evelyn's adventuring life so far.

Lycanthropy[ | ]

During a battle in Krezk, Evelyn was bitten by a werewolf. For the next few nights, she transformed into a werewolf that looked like a pomeranian. Strix was able to cure her when she found a remove curse spell in the library of the Amber Temple.[7]

Blessing of Saint Markovia[ | ]

While exploring the vast dungeon under Castle Ravenloft, the group came upon St. Markovia's crypt. Saint Markovia herself appeared before Evelyn and gave Lightfall the powers of a mace of disruption.[8]

Construct Body[ | ]

Evelyn tried to give up her soul to create an item that could protect her friends from the death curse. During the ritual, she was nearly devoured by the Soulmonger, but Paultin saved her. Her soul was placed in a construct body created by Tyril Flamebane in Citadel Adbar.[9] Later, Saint Andral let Evelyn choose from one of three boons. She turned down the chance to regain her humanoid form in favor of being granted an enhanced construct body, which granted her a 22 Constitution. [10]

Death in Barovia[ | ]

When the waffle crew traveled to Barovia's past, Evelyn was slain by Strahd. She was dead for 50 years, her spirit wandering the ethereal plane. Strix and the revenants of Argynvostholt brought her back to life.[11]

Destroying the Soulmonger[ | ]

While in the Shadowfell, Evelyn was slain by a balhannoth. Her spirit joined many others, who were waiting to be obliterated by the atropal inside the Soulmonger. A spirit named Zaress sensed that Evelyn's spirit was the "worm in the apple" and that, If the atropal tried to devour her, Evelyn's holy light would incinerate it. Evelyn immediately flew toward the atropal, was devoured, and indeed destroyed it with her holy light. [12] She awoke in Lathander's realm and she met the spirit of her father. Omin Dran eventually brought Evelyn back to life with a raise dead spell. [13]

Animal Companions[ | ]

Juniper: In a roomy little pouch at her belt, or, at times, on her shoulder, she carries a little gray mouse that she has nursed back to health after finding it with a broken leg in the city streets. She calls it Juniper, and it's become quite tame. Juniper has been given to a little boy who Simon had kept in a box. [14]

Morning Glory: Evelyn's magic steed.

Stats[ | ]

Evelyn's current stats are:

  • Strength 19 (+4 Modifier)
  • Dexterity 14 (+2 Modifier)
  • Constitution 22 (+6 Modifier)
  • Intelligence 11 (+0 Modifier)
  • Wisdom 12 (+1 Modifier)
  • Charisma 20 (+5 Modifier)
  • Her Spell save DC is 17[15] and her Spell Attack Bonus is +9[16].

Equipment[ | ]

Winged Boots of the Dawn: Fey, religious boots with a blissful quirk. Passed down as an heirloom by the church in Evelyn's hometown before she left, these boots glow in the moonlight, and are worked with the holy symbol of Lathander. When worn, they make the wearer feel fortunate and optimistic about the future, and harmless creatures seem to frolic in their presence. (4 hours flight per day).[17]

Treebane: While at Yester Hill, Evelyn found a magic axe lodged in the trunk of an evil tree. She claimed it as her own and named it "Treebane".[18]

Lightfall: Her sundered magical axe.

The Heart of Spinelli: A flaming sword taken from a slain yakfolk.[19]

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind: A magic item that the group first found in Argynvostholt. [20]

Evelyn's Book of Etiquette: It has a four-leaf clover pressed inside it.

Gold Bracers: Evelyn is supposed to have a shield, but Chris allows her to use her bracers to perform the mechanical function of a shield. She got a set of these bracers in Citadel Adbar when gearing up to go to Ironslag.[21]

Pan flute

Fine Clothing from Citadel Adbar: She spent 20 gp on these clothes.[22] Includes matching kerchiefs for Waffles and Simon.[23]

Evelyn Doll: Made by Strix. Has a note attached: "I will always be your friend." [24]

The Emoji Shield: This +1 shield can make different facial expressions. It was given to her by a mysterious benefactor. [25]

Binwin's Helmet: Evelyn obtained this when she befriended Binwin in Waterdeep. [26]

Spells[ | ]

Evelyn knows the following spells[27]: Note: Her 9th level character sheet has not been officially released yet, so the following spells are only accurate for 4th level.


  • Divine Sense
  • Lay on Hands

Level 1:

  • Bless
  • Command
  • Compelled Duel
  • Cure Wounds
  • Detect Evil and Good
  • Divine Favor
  • Heroism
  • Protection from Evil and Good
  • Purify Food and Drink
  • Searing Smite
  • Shield of Faith
  • Thunderous/Wrathful Smite

Stories[ | ]

Anna has written a number of stories about Evelyn:

A Spark of Understanding: From Evelyn's time as a paladin trainee

Solstice Pie: A glimpse into the life of Evelyn's family.

Clouded Judgment: What was running through Evelyn's head on episode 69.