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Falkon was a character played by the first guest star of Dice, Camera, Action, Chris Trott. Falkon is a wereraven who tries to do good in Barovia, working alongside the Keepers of the Feather. Falkon had a romantic relationship with Escher at some point in the past.

Falkon helped the waffle crew rescue a few children from the old hags of the old Bonegrinder.[1]

Later, he tried to rescue Paultin from Castle Ravenloft. He was killed by Ezmerelda and her silver crossbow bolts.[2]

When the group arrived at Castle Ravenloft, they saw Falkon's corpse lying in the courtyard. Diath was overcome by his ghoulish impulses and ate part of his arm.[3]

When the group returned to Barovia, Escher showed Paultin the corpse of Falkon in a hidden room in the castle.[4]

Episodes[ | ]

Episode 4 - Flour Children

Episode 5 - Raven Kind

Episode 21 - Nevermore