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Gutter is a magic sword of backstabbing created by Shemeshka and wielded by Diath. While in Citadel Adbar, a half-orc/half-dwarf gave Diath the magic sword, saying it belonged to his adventuring partner, an ancestor of Diath's named Ashton. The half-orc/half-dwarf had been under a compulsion to deliver Gutter to its rightful owner - one of the Woodrow family. When Diath put a key in the key hole in the sword's crossguard, it summoned Shemeshka, who agreed to answer three questions in exchange for one of the keys on Diath's key ring.[1]

Appearance[ | ]

The sword is light, a good fit for Diath's hand. In the blade are abyssal indentations. They are abyssal glyphs that spell out the word "Gutter". It has designs and patterns on it that indicate it is from Sigil. The pommel has a fox head with a dark red gem gripped in its jaws. The red gem lights up when it speaks (?). It said to him, "Hello, Diath. It's so good to be with you." Only Diath can hear the sword's voice. Worked into the hilt is a keyhole. Diath's keys fit into it.

Statistics[ | ]

Gutter is a magic short sword of backstabbing.

  • The sword requires attunement.
  • +2d6 damage when backstabbing.
  • The sword wants to be with the Woodrows.