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Izek Strazni is a brutish tiefling who worked for the insane Burgomaster of Vallaki. Izek had one normal arm and one huge, demonic arm.

Izek was the one who decided to hang Diath for committing murder in Vallaki.[1] Izek eventually realized that Strix was his sister and he was overjoyed.[2] Strix was afraid of him. He helped her escape Lady Wachter's basement.[3]

When the group was in the black carriage riding through Vallaki, Izek jumped on the carriage and grabbed Diath with his demon arm. Paultin cast a fear spell on him, which forced Izek to run away.[4]

Under orders from Lady Wachter, Izek brought the Strahd doll to Strix in the Shadowfell. Izek no longer had his demon arm and was less aggressive. [5]