Jasper Dimmerchasm is a dwarf guard from Citadel Adbar. When he got lost on patrol, Drizzt Do'Urden went into the forest to find him, but was unsuccessful.

A slave of the yakfolk freed by the heroes told the group that Jasper was imprisoned in Ironslag.[1] While the adventurers were in Ironslag, they rescued Jasper from a cage on the end of Duke Zalto's maul.[2] They didn't realize who he was until they fled through the chimney and regrouped.[3] By request of the Wafflecrew, Jasper took Waffles and headed back to Citadel Adbar to keep her safe while the heroes went back down into Ironslag.[4]Jasper eventually explained that he had been on patrol and ambushed by yakfolk.[5]

After Van Richten passed out from the death curse ritual, Jasper carried him to a temple in Citadel Adbar.[6]

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