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Juniper is Evelyn's tame little gray mouse that resides In a roomy little pouch at her belt, or, at times, on her shoulder. Evelyn nursed Juniper back to health after finding her with a broken leg in the city streets.

While the group was at the Wizard of Wines, they used Juniper to track down Evelyn, who had turned into a werewolf and possibly ate a baby.[1]

Juniper and the other pets got separated from the Wafflecrew in Ironslag. She got stuck inside the Vonindod and almost died.[2] Diath rescued her from the wreckage.[3]

Juniper died when Evelyn was slain in Barovia, but she was resurrected 50 years later by the revenants of Argynvostholt and the Vistani.[4]

Juniper was swallowed by Summerwise the pseudodragon, but she was regurgitated before she died.[5]

Strix kept Juniper safe while Evelyn died, and when she was handed back to Evelyn, she was covered in soot from Strix's filthy robes. [6]

While living in Waterdeep, the group discovered that Simon had been keeping a local boy in a box. Evelyn comforted the boy once he was freed. She let him keep Juniper as his pet. [7]