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Kozin Xorlarrin, played by guest star Sam Sykes, is a drow with the tattoo of a spider on his face.

He came to Ironslag with a band of other Drow on a mission to deliver the iron flask (which contained the fire primordial Maegara) to the leader of the giants Duke Zalto.[1] On the way in, they killed Harshnag's bird for no particular reason.

Kozin betrayed his Drow companions and fled through the chimney with the Wafflecrew. He explained the story of the iron flask and what it could do. [2] Later, he and the Wafflecrew ambushed the drow and took the now-empty iron flask from them.[3] Kozin was last seen leaving Ironslag with a chicken under his arm. The chicken was Duke Zalto, polymorphed.[4]

Episodes[ | ]

Episode 47 - Apocalypse Drow

Episode 48 - The Hero Conundrum

Episode 49 - Distraction Force

Episode 107 - Eye For an Eye