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Kuharik is a dao (earth genie) who made his way into Ironslag to steal a golem. Kuharik forced Paultin to team up with him to try to complete this task.[1] He had assumed the identity of a dwarf named Krak.

He has the ability to summon the armor of invulnerability with the snap of his fingers.[2] The dao teamed up with the heroes, although the Wafflecrew was very wary of him. [3] During a battle with the drow, the dark elves tried to trap Kuharik in their iron flask, but he made his saving throw.[4]

Once the group defeated the fire giants, Strix cast the banishment spell on him, knowing his evil intentions and not wanting Kuharik to get his hands on the golem. Kuharik fails his saving throw, but catches up with the Wafflecrew and attacks them with Harshnag's axe. Strix trapped him in the iron flask.[5] In the court of King Harnoth, the group released Kuharik from the iron flask as evidence that the Bronzefire clan had sent him to Ironslag to steal the golem.[6] Strix later freed him and gave him the task of tracking some enemies. Because she forgot to specifically tell him to return, Kuharik disappeared.[7]