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Lightfall is a magic axe emblazoned with runes and images celebrating the Morninglord. Evelyn used it as her holy symbol.

When the group explored the crypts beneath Castle Ravenloft, Evelyn was drawn to the crypt of Saint Markovia. Saint Markovia appeared before her and blessed Lightfall, giving it the powers of a mace of disruption.[1]

When Evelyn was in Ironslag, Lightfall shattered when she tried to use it to destroy the adamantine heart of the vonindod. Lightfall's shattered remains are currently in Diath's posession.

Eventually, Diath brought the remains of Lightfall to a weaponmaker named Issian, who lives in Rassalanter. He fused two rings of protection with the remains and re-made Lightfall.[2]

Once Evelyn attuned to it, she saw that it had gained different powers.[3]

New Powers[ | ]

Once reforged, Lightfall gained the following powers:

  • While she is not carrying a shield, she gains a +1 bonus to her AC while holding it in one hand, or a +2 bonus to AC when holding it with two hands.
  • When she deals radiant damage with it, up to 6 creatures of her choice can regain 1d10 hit points.
  • She can cast the spell sunbeam with it. It must be recharged in sunlight for one hour before this power can be used again.

Old Powers[ | ]

Saint Markovia originally imbued Lightfall with the following powers:

  • Sheds light.
  • +2d6 radiant damage to undead and fiends.
  • If the undead/fiend target has 25 hit points or less, it must make a saving throw or be destroyed.

Lightfall presumably lost all magical attributes when it shattered, but was later learned was restored in episode 131 or 132 when Anna asked Chris.