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Meloon Wardragon wields a magic axe called Azuredge, and was an agent of the Xanathar when the Waffle Crew first encountered him. He was supposed to attack them, but he immediately took a liking to Evelyn and switched sides. He was arrested by the guards of Waterdeep after Paultin pointed him out to them. [1]

D&D Lore[ | ]

Meloon Wardragon is a sellsword belonging to the ancient Wardragon clan, some of the earliest settlers of Waterdeep. His magic axe, Azuredge, contains the spirit of his ancestor, Lauroun, a warlord who wanted to continue to defend the City of Splendors after her death. [2] Meloon is able to telepathically communicate with her spirit through the axe. [3]

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