Omin Dran

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Omin Dran is an adventurer who is part of the Acquisitions, Inc. adventuring group. He used an infernal contract to summon Strix so that she could help him get to Omu.[1] He gave her intern status, and due to the contract she had no choice but to accompany the group on their adventure. [2]

He used the contract again. During that second trip, Strix acquired a watch that stops time and the statue of a dwarf. [3]

Later on, recieving a plea for help from Strix, Omin traveled to Port Nyanzaru to help the group resurrect Simon and Evelyn. While there, he battled the evil clones of the Wafflecrew. [4] He helped the group bring Evelyn and Simon back from the dead. Omin took the group's two rings of protection that each contain a portion of Evelyn's soul. [5] Not long after, the group damaged Port Nyanzaru with a bomb and sent Omin a message asking him to help the people of the city. [6]