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Paultin Seppa, a human bard, is one of the characters in Dice, Camera, Action and played by Nathan Sharp.

Paultin Seppa
CharSheet Paultin
Race Human
Class Bard (College of Lore)
Age Unknown
Alias(es) Strahd (by Xopa)


Played by Nathan Sharp

Appearance[ | ]

Paultin is a handsome human with blonde hair, who usually appears to be either inebriated or hung over. After the excursions in the Shadowfell with the Ring of Winter, his hair was turned permanently black.

Background[ | ]

Long ago in Barovia, the Vistani brought one of their kind to Rudolph van Richten for healing. Included in this group of hopeful Vistani were Paultin's parents and a very young Paultin.

Despite Van Richten's best efforts, the patient died. Fearing that they would bestow upon him a Vistani curse, he urged them to take something of his in compensation. They took his son, Erasmus.

When Van Richten realized what they'd done, he tried to save Erasmus only to find that they'd sold him to a vampire named Baron Metus. Obviously upset, Van Richten took the corpse of the Vistani he was unable to save and rode into the woods. He was attacked by an undead horde led by a lich. For whatever reason, the lich protected him and magically warded him from the undead.

Protected, van Richten led the horde to the Vistani camp, where they killed all of the Vistani in that clan except for Paultin. A dying Vistani cursed van Richten. From that day forward, all who became close to him would suffer a horrible fate.[1]

According to van Richten, he purposely spared Paultin's life. [2]

Erasmus had become a vampire and he could not be saved. He begged his father to kill him. Van Richten did, and, from that day forth, he was relentless hunter of vampires and other supernatural monsters.

Paultin somehow ended up in the city of Waterdeep, making a meager living by performing in seedy taverns. Evelyn became a fan of his, and they both met the other half of the waffle crew in the Rusty Pommel.[3]

Personality[ | ]

Some of Paultin's traits may have changed from the original concept listed on his sheet.

  • Personality Trait: I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
  • Ideal: Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold actions (chaotic)
  • Bond: I will do anything to prove I am superior to my rival. My rival is a voice in my head. {Late in the Season Three game, this is implied to be twitch chat and/or the DCA Subreddit}
  • Flaw: I have difficulty keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble. (also an alcoholic)
  • Friendly. Entertainer. Musician.

He is known to be a drunkard and has a tendency to make trouble for the group, whether intentionally or not. He is fiercely protective of those he loves, though he holds them at an arm's length, likely due to his wife's death.[4] He has a rivalry with Diath that can either culminate in a good cop bad cop sequence, or a fight between the two, though they have been warming up to each other.

Paultin has only had one breakdown on the show, blaming himself for Evelyn's death. The crew doesn't know how to react, implying that he's never shown such intense negative emotions around them before.[5] That would make sense, considering he was replaced by simulacrum twice without the crew knowing.[6] [7] That in itself implies heavily that the others don't know him that well.

Paultin has a tendency to break the fourth wall, often stating things to happen because of "plot."

Known Relatives[ | ]

He has an ancestor named Yesper, who was also a bard that drank a lot. [8] It is implied Yesper is Paultin's grandpa, or older, due to Chris saying "You've got your grandfather's taste in cloaks" when a different version of Paultin is calling out to Diath.[9]

Paultin considers Simon (aka "Murderbot"), the evil construct turned human, to be his "son."

Key Events[ | ]

Paultin has been through a number of key events in the campaign so far.

Strahd's Spy[ | ]

Strahd brought Paultin to Castle Ravenloft to recruit him. Ultimately, Paultin refused to betray the waffle crew.

Enemy of van Richten[ | ]

When he got the chance to avenge the death of his parents, Paultin drew his longsword and was ready to kill Van Richten in cold blood. Diath talked him out of it.[10]

The Raven Queen[ | ]

Paultin rescued Evelyn from the Soulmonger and was drawn into some other realm. There, the Raven Queen gave him Handrew and told him to seek the chalice of Ch'gakare. [11]

Dark Lord[ | ]

The dark powers wanted Paultin to become the new ruler of Barovia, but he resisted. At the wedding that would seal the pact, he destroyed his shadow with the sunsword. The waffle crew was sent into Barovia's past, presumably as punishment.[12]

Death in Barovia[ | ]

When the waffle crew traveled to Barovia's past, Paultin was decapitated by Strahd. He was dead for 50 years, his spirit wandering the ethereal plane. Strix and the revenants of Argynvostholt brought him back to life.[13]

Death Curse[ | ]

Because he died in Barovia, Paultin began suffering from the death curse when he was brought back from the dead and returned to Faerun.[14]

The Ring of Winter[ | ]

Paultin obtained the ring of winter and was overtaken by its evil. The rest of the group did battle with him in the Shadowfell and were able to get the ring away from him. [15]

Stats[ | ]

Paultin's current stats are:

  • Strength 14 (+2 Modifier)
  • Dexterity 20 (+5 Modifier)
  • Constitution 15 (+2 Modifier)
  • Intelligence 15 (+2 Modifier)
  • Wisdom 13 (+1 Modifier)
  • Charisma 20 (+5 Modifier)
  • His Spell save DC is 17 and his Spell Attack Bonus is +9. [16]

Equipment[ | ]

Eyes of Charming

Disguise Kit: Comes with two costumes: Pterodactyl and Chris Perkins.

Dwarf-sized Bathrobe from Gauntlgrym[17]

Paultin Doll: Made by Strix. Has a note attached: "I will find you more wine." [18]

A Necklace with Evelyn's Signet Ring and a Cog Hanging From it:

  • Signet Ring: Bears the symbol of the Marthain family.
  • A Cog: Presumably one of Evelyn's construct cogs from after she was destroyed in The Shadowfell.

Canaith Mandolin: A magical instrument that granted the wielder special powers (now missing in the Chultan Strait).

The Sun Sword: A magical "lightsaber" sword that sheds sunlight

Potion of Greater Healing: Given to him by Wandala.

Cloak of Billowing: A cloak that can billow as a bonus action. Given to him as a gift from a mysterious benefactor. [19]

Pistol: A pistol that fires poison bullets, taken off of a slain drow gunslinger. [20]

Robe of the Archmagi: The robe is evil and originally belonged to Manshoon, and Paultin can't attune to it. He wears it because it looks cool. [21]

Spells[ | ]

Paultin knows the following spells:


  • Friends
  • Vicious Mockery
  • Blessing of Wound Closure

Level 1:

  • Faerie Fire
  • Dissonant Whispers
  • Thunderwave
  • Sleep

Level 2:

  • Crown of Madness
  • Invisibility
  • Suggestion

Level 3:

  • Dispel Magic
  • Evil Eye
  • Leomund's Tiny Hut
  • Bestow Curse
  • Counterspell

Level 4:

  • Greater Invisibility
  • Dimension Door
  • Locate Creature
  • Banishment

Level 5:

  • Animate Objects
  • Mislead