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Port Nyanzaru is a jungle city in Chult where dinosaurs are used as beasts of burden. Strix was first drawn here through the infernal contract that Omin Dran had obtained. [1] While in the city, Jim Darkmagic won a dinosaur race thanks in part to "juicing." [2] Shemeshka teleported the waffle crew to this city in exchange for Diath taking on a geas spell that would force him to acquire two items for her. [3] A band of assassins ambushed the waffle crew in the streets of Port Nyanzaru. Members of the Zhentarim, the villains were trying to obtain the ring of winter, but they were driven off. [4] The group visited the executioner's pit, where they helped a man escape the velociraptors kept within. Then, undead attacked the city. The group headed into the jungle. [5] The Sewn Sisters sent evil clones of the waffle crew to Port Nyanzaru. [6] The real waffle crew killed all of them save for Evil Paultin, who got away. [7] The heroes rested in a mansion owned by the merchant princes. While there, Omin raised Evelyn and Simon from the dead. The next morning, the Zhentarim tried to poison the group's food. [8]

The heroes ran into problems with Aremag, the dragon turtle that guards the Bay of Chult. They threw the Halruaan Force Bomb in its mouth and triggered a massive explosion that caused a shock wave and tsunami, doing great damage to the infrastructure of Port Nyanzaru. [9] The group could not tell if anyone had been killed and contacted Omin Dran to ask him to help the people of the city. [10]

Famous Dinosaurs[ | ]

Ubtao's Favorite

Banana Candy

Big Honker

Mountain Thunder[11]

Locations[ | ]

Kaya's House of Repose: The nicest inn in Port Nyanzaru. [12]

Executioner's Run: A dinosaur pit that prisoners are thrown into.

Sebata's Snake Pies: They sell delicious meat pies. [13]

Achmed's Shed of Danger Juice & Fabulous Robes: It has both. [14]

Bath House: Where the people of Port Nyanzaru, poor and rich alike, socialize.[15]