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Rahadin is a loyal ally of Strahd who traveled with the waffle crew for a time disguised as Kasimir. Rahadin trapped the group in the Amber Temple,[1] and tried to attack Paultin when he fled Castle Ravenloft.[2]

Eventually, the waffle crew came to Castle Ravenloft. Rahadin approached them and demanded that they hand over the Tome of Strahd. The waffle crew killed him.[3]

When the waffle crew traveled into Barovia's past, they encountered Rahadin. Even back then, he was a loyal agent of Strahd.[4] When Rahadin tried to stop Sergei and Tatyana fleeing the wedding in a carriage, he was trampled by horses and half his face was disfigured.[5]The waffle crew gave Rahadin the Tome of Strahd, hoping that he would read it and understand what Strahd would become.[6]