Ring of winter

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The ring of winter is a very power magic item with an evil sentience within it. The waffle crew first heard about it in Citadel Adbar, when the King assumed that Zog's message that he tried to deliver to was about the ring.[1] The heroes joined Captain Xandala on her quest to find the ring of winter.[2] In Port Nyanzaru, the Zhentarim unsuccessfully tried to snatch the ring of winter from Artus Cimber. [3] The ring's evil overwhelmed Artus. The waffle crew killed him. Paultin claimed the ring for his own. [4] When Klauth attacked the group, Paultin considered giving the ring to the dragon. The ring would not allow it, and it took control of him. [5] Paultin was able to hide the ring when Klauth came for him, but it ended up in the hands of frost giants who arrived mid-battle. [6] Strix and Evelyn killed the frost giants, and Paultin reclaimed the ring. [7]

Paultin and the ring traveled to the Shadowfell. The ring sensed that it belonged there and told Paultin they were meant to be there. [8]