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The woman who would eventually come to be referred to as Saint Markovia followed her heart and became a priest of Lathander shortly after her 18th birthday. On Curse of Strahd page 146 it says that Saint Markovia was a priest who took a stand against Strahd, but she ended up being destroyed along with most of her followers. Saint Markovia's remains are buried in crypt 6 (Curse of Strahd page 86).

References to Saint Markovia[ | ]

  • Saint Markovia's Thighbone: (Curse of Strahd page 222) is the equivalent of a mace of disruption.
  • Saint Markovia's Abbey: This is where The Abbot and his bride are in Krezk.
  • There is a stained glass window that depicts Saint Andral, the Morninglord and Saint Markovia on page 138 in Curse of Strahd.
  • When Evelyn met Lathander, Saint Markovia was beside him.[1]