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Season 1 of Dice, Camera, Action uses material from the published adventure Curse of Strahd, which was written by Chris Perkins.

The Mists of Barovia[ | ]

Strix, Diath, Evelyn and Paultin camped for the night in a forest. They had been traveling together for a short while, and it was said that they were in search of waffles (which is why they are called the "waffle crew"). A mist enveloped them and trapped them in Barovia, a dark realm ruled by a vampire named Count Strahd von Zarovich. [1]

The heroes explored the village of Barovia and met Ireena, a woman that Strahd was obsessed with. [2] After battling a vampire spawn in the church, they moved on and came upon a vistani encampment. There, Madam Eva did a tarokka reading, which gave the group vital clues on where they could find items that would help them vanquish Strahd and escape Barovia. [3]

Accompanied by a wereraven named Falkon, the adventurers rescued children from the clutches of three hags who lived in a windmill called Old Bonegrinder. [4] [5]

Death in Vallaki[ | ]

In the town of Vallaki, the heroes met a fellow named Rictavio and his assistant, Dee. They helped them figure out what their tarokka readings meant. The group eventually learned that Rictavio was, in fact, the legendary monster hunter Rudolph van Richten in disguise.

Strix unexpectedly ran into her brother, Izek, who was part of the town guard. [6] He saved her from Lady Wachter, a devil cultist, but also put Diath to death as punishment for the murder of a town guard. [7]

Diath died, but his spirit entered into Paultin's body. [8] The adventurers brought Diath's corpse to the Abbey of St. Markovia, [9] where they convinced a being known as the Abbot to raise Diath from the dead. [10]

The Battle Against Strahd[ | ]

With Diath back among the living, the group looked to move on, but they were attacked by Strahd, who was riding his nightmare, Beucephalus. As his werewolf underlings attacked the waffle crew, Strahd snatched Ireena and flew into the air. Strix tried to use hold person to rescue Ireena, but inadvertently caused her to fall to her death. [11]

Ezmerelda, a vistani who was a friend of van Richten's, lunged at Strahd and uttered a vistani curse. Both she and the vampire vanished in a cloud of mist. [12]

Evelyn the Werewolf[ | ]

During the battle, Evelyn had been bitten by a werewolf and contracted lycanthropy. While coping with her changes, the heroes traveled to a winery that was overrun by druids from Yester Hill. [13] The group destroyed their magic staff and traveled to where the druids lived and attacked. [14] The heroes battled a massive, evil tree named Wintersplinter and were victorious. [15]

The group became concerned one night when they thought Evelyn might have eaten a baby, but she hadn't. The baby was safe in the hands of a stranger who called himself Kasimir. [16] Kasimir convinced the group to travel with him to the Amber Temple. [17] Once the group was inside, he collapsed the entrance, sealing them in. [18]

The heroes were nearly slain by the creatures within, and while they recovered from their wounds, they realized that Paultin was actually a clone made of ice and snow known as a simulacrum.

Paultin in Castle Ravenloft[ | ]

Paultin had been switched with the simulacrum prior to the group's arrival in the Amber Temple. He had been taken to Castle Ravenloft, where he helped a werewolf named Emil escape. [19] Strahd tried to convince Paultin to join him and betray his friends. [20] Paultin ultimately refused to do so, and he found a magic passage that took him to the Amber Temple. [21]

The Amber Temple[ | ]

In the Amber Temple, the group befriended a lich and got into a battle with vampire spawn that cost Strix her life. [22] Diath made a pact with a vestige to save her, but it turned out to be unnecessary because van Richten had made his way into the Amber Temple to rescue them. Van Richten used a magic scroll to bring Strix back from the dead.

Due to the pact, Diath began slowly transforming into a ghoul. [23] Strix was able to learn and cast remove curse to cure Evelyn of lycanthropy.

The Ritual[ | ]

The heroes escaped the Amber Temple and traveled to Van Richten's Tower to rest. They were attacked by witches [24] and nearly blown up by Ezmerelda's trapped wagon, but ultimately they were able to heal up. [25]

Van Richten told the group of a ritual that could trap Strahd in a small effigy. They needed to collect a few ingredients to properly enact the ritual.

The group rescued a vistani girl named Arabelle and brought her back to her father. [26] Van Richten urged the group to kill her, as her blood was needed for the ritual. After much deliberation Diath did it. [27]

The heroes regrouped at a ruined mansion known as Argynvostholt. There, they obtained the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and performed the ritual. The doll was imbued with the necessary power. Now all the group had to do was to get close enough Strahd to magically draw him in. [28]

Castle Ravenloft[ | ]

Teamed up with the legendary wizard Mordenkainen, the adventurers made their way to Castle Ravenloft. Once inside, the group fought and killed Rahadin, the villain who had pretended to be Kasimir. [29] The heroes explored the crypts under the castle. Diath's dark pact was wiped away by drinking a concoction containing the ashes of Saint Markovia. [30]

The heroes found Strahd and Strix was able to magically trap him inside the effigy.

The mists of Barovia parted and the heroes were able to go home. [31]

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