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At the end of season 1, the heroes had escaped Barovia. Season 2 uses material from the Storm King's Thunder adventure.

Return to the Realms[ | ]

The waffle crew appear in a snowy forest and meet a dwarf named Zog, who is trying to deliver a message to Citadel Adbar. The heroes decide to travel with him. [1] While resting in a lodge, the heroes befriend an owlbear and battle werewolves who followed them out of Barovia. [2]

Legendary hero Drizzt Do'Urden helps the group fight off the werewolves. The group gives him the Strahd doll, which he takes to Gauntlgrym for safe keeping. [3]

Zog dies in a battle against giants. The heroes decide to complete his quest, and make their way to Citadel Adbar. [4] [5]

The adventurers arrive at Citadel Adbar, and agree to go to Ironslag to see what the fire giants there are up to. [6]

Ironslag[ | ]

On their way to Ironslag, the group stops to enlist the aid of a frost giant named Harshnag. [7] Together, they ascend the steep steps outside of Ironslag and scope out the yakfolk village above it. [8] The group attacks the yakfolk [9] and frees their slaves. [10]

The heroes infiltrate Ironslag. [11] Paultin gets separated from the group and teams up with a dao named Kuharik. The heroes fight against Duke Zalto, and end up being cornered by the giants. [12]During the skirmish, the waffle crew's pets flee. Their pets wander the complex and eventually topple a colossus that the giants had been assembling. [13]

The commotion allows the group to momentarily escape the clutches of the fire giants. [14]

The Iron Flask[ | ]

While the adventurers battle the giants, a band of drow arrive with an iron flask. Captured in the magic flask is Maegara, a fire entity of incredible power. [15] The drow deliver the flask to Duke Zalto, but one of the drow joins the side of the waffle crew and helps them obtain the flask. [16] As the heroes battle the giants outside Ironslag, Diath tries to use Maegara to free the slaves of Ironslag, but they are instead incinerated.

Maegara roams free and the group flees, capturing Kuharik in the flask on the way out. [17]

The Death Curse[ | ]

The waffle crew returns to Citadel Adbar, where they are shocked to find van Richten. Diath and Strix become ill. They have contracted the death curse, a disease that will kill them over the course of a few weeks. [18]

Evelyn agrees to give up her soul through a ritual that will protect the others from the death curse. Her soul passes into another plane, where a green devil face is set to devour her. Paultin, in raven form thanks to the ritual, saves her and ends up receiving a gift and a quest from the Raven Queen. [19]

Evelyn is reborn in a construct body. Elsewhere, Diath is given a sword that wielded by his ancestors. The sword, called Gutter, can summon an arcanaloth named Shemeshka, who will answer questions in exchange for one of Diath's mysterious keys.

Suddenly, the group is drawn in by the mists and are pulled back in to Barovia. [20]

Return to Barovia[ | ]

The waffle crew has been pulled back into Barovia. The dark powers want Paultin to rule the realm as the new dark lord. [21] A wedding is arranged, but Paultin refuses to play along. [22]

The heroes are flung into Barovia's past, arriving on the day of Sergei and Tatyana's wedding - the day that Strahd became a vampire. [23] The group is able to convince Tatyana and Sergei to flee [24], but Strahd chases them down and returns the couple to the castle. Paultin, Diath, and Evelyn are slain. Strix hides in the forest of Barovia for 50 years.

Eventually, she befriends revenants and some vistani, and together they are able to resurrect her friends. The vistani help them escape through the mists and return home. [25]

The Airship[ | ]

The adventurers appear back in the Realms, in the same time period that they had left. They befriend an airship captain who is on a quest to find the ring of winter. [26] The heroes join her, and track the ring to a ruined frost giant village. They battle a white dragon, and Strix suddenly vanishes. [27]

Strix has been summoned by another adventuring group who obtained an infernal contract linked to her. Strix learns that she is linked to the Skizziks, a clan of tieflings who made a pact with the ruler of the Nine Hells. [28] Strix accompanies the heroes on their journey to the lost city of Omu. Once complete, she is magically transported back to the waffle crew. [29]

The group realizes that even with the protection from the ritual, the death curse will kill Diath, Strix, and Paultin before long. They summon Shemeshka, and learn that they need to find and destroy a device known as the Soulmonger to end the death curse.

In Season 3, the heroes travel to Chult to try to destroy the Soulmonger.