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Season 3 uses material from the Tomb of Annihilation published adventure.

The Sewn Sisters[ | ]

The adventurers evade Klauth, the red dragon, by allowing Shemeshka to teleport them to Port Nyanzaru. [1] There, the group is repeatedly visited over the course of three nights by hags known as the Sewn Sisters. The hags place soul larvae in the bodies of Strix, Diath, and Paultin, effectively giving them a second soul and protection from the Soulmonger. [2] [3]

The Jungle of Chult[ | ]

The waffle crew heads into the jungle of Chult in search of the oracle of Orolunga, who can direct the group to Omu. [4] During the journey, Evelyn finds a divine elixir in a shrine and the group visits a camp of soldiers who are in a bad way. [5] The heroes are able to make peace between the camp and the grung. [6][7]

Agents of the Skizziks step through a planar portal and attempt to abduct Strix, but the heroes fight them off. [8]

Resuming their journey, the heroes pass through evil, sacred ground linked to Dendar [9] , and arrive at Orolunga. There, they ascend the magic steps of the shrine and receive wisdom. [10]

From there, the heroes make their way through the jungle toward Omu. They are ambushed by Artus Cimber, who has succumbed to the evil of the ring of winter. The group kills him, and Paultin claims the ring. [11]

That night, they make camp and meet a mysterious tortle with whom they share their origin story. [12]

The Lost City of Omu[ | ]

The waffle crew arrives at the Lost City of Omu. [13] The ring of winter takes control of Paultin as Klauth arrives and attacks the group. [14] The yuan-ti and a band of frost giants also enter the melee. [15] The heroes flee into the yuan-ti temple, where they are drawn into dream-realms made by Dendar. [16] Strix is pulled into a strange maze, while Diath enters a version of Waterdeep where evil Paultin dwells. Evelyn is pulled into the Tomb of the Nine Gods, where she tries to solve a puzzle. [17]

They eventually snap out of it, and escape the temple. To their horror, they discover that a time bomb that they'd taken from the wreckage of an airship in Chult had activated and is about to explode. Paultin convinces Shemeshka to help him disarm the bomb. [18] During the chaos, the group gets angry at Paultin and he storms off. [19]

The Ring of Winter[ | ]

Paultin, under the control of the evil ring of winter, travels to the Shadowfell and meets up with a shadar kai duo. [20] The rest of the group follows his trail and tries to track him down. While searching, they run into Izek, who gives the group the Strahd doll, which he apparently stole from Gauntlgrym. [21]

The shadar kai agree to help Paultin fight the waffle crew. The heroes track Paultin down to a run-down tavern. After a chaotic battle, [22] the shadar kai and an elf named Miranda snatch both the ring of winter and the Strahd doll and flee. [23]

With the ring gone, Paultin returns to normal. The heroes wander the Shadowfell, looking for an exit. [24] They are attacked by a balhannoth, which kills Evelyn. [25] The group mourns her passing and eventually find a portal. Evelyn's soul is drawn into the Soulmonger, and to her surprise, her holy light destroys it and the death curse is ended. [26]

The Awful Crew[ | ]

The Sewn Sisters created evil clones of Paultin, Strix and Diath. These clones were in Port Nyanzaru, wreaking havoc. They met up with a mysterious, evil version of Evelyn, who worshiped Shar. [27]

The waffle crew met with the Sewn Sisters, who agreed to obtain items that Shemeshka had requested as payment for helping the group get to Chult. [28]

The heroes used a portal to return to Port Nyanzaru, where they fought their clones. The waffle crew killed three of the four clones. Evil Paultin got away. [29]