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[[Diath Woodrow|Diath]] met [[Strix]] in Waterdeep. They paired up and scraped by for a few years. [[Paultin Seppa|Paultin]] was a performer in taverns and [[Evelyn Marthain|Evelyn]] was a fan of his. The waffle crew first got together in a bar called the Rusty Pommel. <ref>[[Episode 73]]</ref>
House Dashland is based in the Waterdeep region. LericLerek Dashland met with the group in [[Port Nyanzaru]] and asked them to acquire maps for him.
[[Diath Woodrow|Diath]] had a nightmare vision of [[Waterdeep]], where snow floated up and [[Paultin Seppa|Paultin]] had succumbed to the [[ring of winter]]. <ref>[[Episode 78]]</ref>
The heroes sailed from [[Port Nyanzaru]] to Waterdeep. Along the way they rescued and befriended [[Warrington Munt]]. <ref>[[Episode 94]]</ref>
The group gained the deed to a home known as Trollskull Manor. [[Diath Woodrow|Diath]] met [[Laeral Silverhand]], the Open Lord of Waterdeep. She decided to free him from prison as a reward for slaying [[the Xanathar]]. <ref>[[Episode 118]]</ref>
== Noble Houses ==
House Dashland
[[House Rajnar]]
House Marthain
House Margaster

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