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The Strahd doll was first discovered by the waffle crew near Krezk.[1] Soon after, Strahd actually spoke through the doll to Paultin. Strahd urged Paultin to betray his friends and to come to Castle Ravenloft.[2]

When the heroes were resting in Van Richten's tower, he told them he knew of a ritual that the group could use that would trap Strahd in the doll. [3]

The heroes eventually used the doll in a ritual to trap Strahd inside of it.[4]

The waffle crew gave the Strahd doll to Drizzt Do'Urden for safekeeping. He brought it to Gauntlgrym.[5]

Izek brought the doll from Gauntlgrym to the Shadowfell and gave it to Strix under orders from Lady Wachter. [6] Soon after, Marisiana nearly killed Strix and stole the doll from her. [7]

Diath found the outer skin of the doll in the home of Esvele Rosznar in the city of Waterdeep.[8] He soon learned that this meant that Strahd had somehow been freed.[9]

The Real Strahd Doll[ | ]

Holly actually made a real Strahd doll, which is an accurate representation of what the doll looks like in-game. It is also known as "Mr. Shambleface."