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Strix, a tiefling sorcerer from Sigil, is one of the characters in Dice, Camera, Action, and played by Holly Conrad.

Strix Beestinger
CharSheet Strix
Race Tiefling
Class Sorcerer (Divine Soul)
Age 72
Alias(es) Trash Witch (herself), Sorcerer Supreme (Omin)
Affiliation(s) Acquisitions, Inc., Omin Dran
Played by Holly Conrad

Appearance[ | ]

Strix has pale skin, milky eyes, fluffy long black hair, small pointed fangs and two small brown horns protruding from the upper head, hidden when she has her hood up. Her black and brown tattered robes are held together by some leather belts and straps. Miscellaneous vials and trinkets hang from them.

She has a long, pale tail ending in a spade that she hides under her robes when around commoners who might be afraid of her heritage. Strix has a worn leather backpack covered in sigils that she drew and probably mean nothing.

Background[ | ]

When Strix was a child in Sigil, Shemeshka tried to buy her.[1]

The Skizziks were a human family from Sigil that feared annihilation from their rivals. They made a pact with Asmodeus, lord of the Nine Hells, to become tieflings. They were awarded with devil servants who act as bodyguards and assistants. Strix is said to be the most powerful member of the family. [2]

There was an infernal contract linked to Strix that can be used to summon her and force her to do things. [3]

Strix is the daughter of a devil and a mortal (who is described as "a lovely woman" by Lady Wachter). A deal was wrought to make her. Strix has an older brother named Izek, who had one huge, monstrous arm.[4]

Lady Wachter said that she could have raised Strix as her own daughter, but that the Vistani ("wanton thieves") stole Strix from the Wachters. The Vistani would have taken Izek as well, but he slipped through their grasp. Lady Wachter claimed that she could help Strix harness the power inside of her. [5]

Strix once asked Izek about their family. He said: "It is just me. Do not speak of aunts and other relatives."

Strix was placed in the city of Sigil with the word "Strix" written on her arm. She lived on the streets in the Hive, the poorest and most dangerous section of Sigil. Strix made a living selling dead bodies as a member of the Dustmen faction.

She was taken in by a bariaur (half-woman/half-goat) who ran an orphanage/bakery. Strix stayed there for years, bonding with her fellow orphans.

A shadowy entity entered the bakery and killed everyone except for Strix. Strix does not know why it spared her.

Strix fled into the planes, traveling to:

  • The Outlands: She visited a number of gate towns. Apparently there was an incident of some sort in Torch.
  • Limbo
  • Bytopia
  • The Feywild

While in the Feywild, Strix was taken in by the legendary hag Baba Yaga. Strix lived in her dancing hut for a few years, making baked goods. Baba Yaga eventually told her it was time to go and gave Strix the little black book that records her dreams.

Baba Yaga left Strix in a forest on a prime world, where the tiefling settled into a bramble hovel.

She eventually ended up in Waterdeep, where Diath spotted her in a crowd. He could see that she was hungry, so over the next few days, he started leaving her food anonymously. When he first tried to engage her, she cast a fire bolt at him.

They became allies. Strix and Diath traveled together for a few years, having small adventures to fund their meager lifestyle. Eventually, they met the other members of the waffle crew in the Rusty Pommel, a tavern in Waterdeep. [6]

Personality[ | ]

Strix is, in general, paranoid and fearful. She does not like to let people get close to her, but when she does, she becomes fiercely loyal.

  • Personality Trait: I put no trust in divine beings. I hide scraps of food and trinkets away in my pockets.
  • Ideal: I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my own demons.
  • Bond: A terrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions.
  • Flaw: I assume the worst in people.

Known Relatives[ | ]

Izek Strazni: A half-brother with a demon arm.

Lady Wachter: A demented devil worshiper.

The Skizziks: A mysterious clan of tieflings.

Rosie Beestinger: Her adopted mother via a deal with Asmodeus.

Animal Companions[ | ]

Mr. Stinky: A cranium rat.

Waffles: An owlbear.

Albie: An albino gazer (baseball-sized beholder).

The Chicken Foot Coven[ | ]

Strix recruited agents (through a real-life contest utilizing D&D Beyond) and formed a coven comprised of three adventurers:

  • Dierne Hal: A Shadar-kai Warlock
  • Critter the Cook: A Kobold Rogue
  • Purloque: A Loxodon Cleric

Key Events[ | ]

Strix has had a number of notable incidents in her adventuring career.

Death in Barovia[ | ]

Strix was killed by a vampire spawn in the Amber temple.[7] Her soul wandered the mists of Barovia for a short time. Van Richten used a scroll of raise dead to bring her back to life. [8]

Death Curse[ | ]

Strix suffered from the death curse, slowly dying. Van Richten enacted a ritual, wherein Evelyn gave up her soul in order to create a ring that could stave off the curse for whoever wore it.[9] The death curse ended when Evelyn passed into the Soulmonger.[10]

50 Years in Barovia[ | ]

When the waffle crew traveled to Barovia's past, the other heroes of the waffle crew were killed. Strix lived in the forest, accompanied by Murderbot and Waffles. During this time, she learned a ritual that could keep her young. She made friends with the revenants of Argynvostholt, who were able to bring her friends back to life.[11]

Infernal Contract[ | ]

Omin Dran bought Strix's infernal contract and summoned her to work with Acquisitions, Inc. for a short time.[12]

Strix Beestinger[ | ]

For most of Strix's life, she was linked to a clan in Sigil known as the Skizziks Khazrym. A deal was made with Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine Hells, making Strix an adopted daughter of Rosie Beestinger. This severed Strix's ties to the Skizzikses. [13]

Stats[ | ]

Strix's current stats are:

  • Strength 10 (+0 Modifier)
  • Dexterity 12 (+1 Modifier)
  • Constitution 14 (+2 Modifier)
  • Intelligence 15 (+2 Modifier)
  • Wisdom 10 (+0 Modifier)
  • Charisma 18 (+4 Modifier)
  • Her Spell Save DC is 16 and her Spell Attack Bonus is +8.

Equipment[ | ]

Black Cloak: From Citadel Adbar.[14]

Baby Harness: For Waffles.[15]

Chimera Parts: Dragon tongue, goat horn.[16]

Scroll of Knock: Taken from the yakfolk.[17]

Drow Spider Staff: Taken from a defeated drow.[18]

Three Dolls: She created these during her time in Barovia. They look like Diath, Paultin and Evelyn.[19]

Witch Hat: Viari bought this for her in Port Nyanzaru. [20]

A Piece of a Mosaic Tile: A trinket given to her by a dinosaur racing fan in Port Nyanzaru. [21]

The Staff of the Horned Crescent: Arcane focus. Strix imbued her staff with the power to transform into a number of mundane objects: [22]

  • Frying Pan  
  • Fishing pole
  • Lantern
  • Cauldron
  • Feather quill that writes in the air
  • Cuddly owlbear doll
  • Flying Broom, which putters as it flies

Flying Broom: Taken during the wedding in Barovia.[23] The original broom was destroyed at Camp Vengeance by a Mercykiller[24] It was replaced later by her transforming staff.

Stop Watch: This watch can cast time stop. It does not affect elves. [25]

Statue of a Dwarf: It is missing one arm. [26]

X the Mystic's Arcane Grimoire: A spellbook that Strix can't read. The Sewn Sisters gave this to Strix. [27]

Mr. Fox's Spectacles: The spectacles can open a magic portal. The group isn't sure where the portal leads to. The Sewn Sisters gave this to Strix. [28]

Heward's Handy Spice Pouch: A magic pouch that endlessly dispenses certain spices. This was a gift from a mysterious benefactor. [29]

Strahd's Ashes: Strix collected Strahd's ashes after Evelyn destroyed him with a moonbeam spell. [30]

Staff of the Magi: Formerly owned by Manshoon.[31]

Spells[ | ]

Strix knows the following spells[32]:


  • Thaumaturgy (Tiefling racial spell)
  • Prestidigitation
  • Fire Bolt
  • Minor Illusion
  • Spare the Dying
  • Mage Hand

Level 1

  • Hellish Rebuke (Tiefling racial spell)
  • Mage Armor
  • Poison Spray
  • Remove Curse
  • Silent Image

Level 2

  • Darkness (Tiefling racial spell)
  • Misty Step
  • Alter-Self
  • Enlarge/Reduce

Level 3

  • Fireball
  • Gaseous Form
  • Dispel Magic

Level 4

  • Dimension Door
  • Polymorph
  • Death Ward

Level 5

  • Cone of Cold

Stories[ | ]

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Other Shows[ | ]

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