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Strix's staff, The Staff of the Horned Crescent, is a magic quarterstaff used by Strix as an arcane focus. It is a long, slender black staff, and on the top is a crescent moon with strange symbols carved into it. Strix made it herself during her time in the Hive, and she also created the glowing arcane symbols, which according to her don't mean anything.

She attempted to hit the vampire spawn Doru over the head with it to very little effect (and has notably not tried this since).[1]

While the Wafflecrew were in the jungles of Chult, Strix imbued her staff with the power to transform into a number of mundane objects: 

  • Flying Broom, which putters as it flies and sometimes releases black smoke
  • Pie Pan / Frying Pan
  • Fishing pole
  • Lantern with green flame
  • Large black cauldron
  • Feather quill that writes in the air with green ink
  • Cuddly owlbear doll[2]