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Built by good-aligned wizards, the Amber Temple was dedicated to a god of secrets. It was meant to serve as a vault to contain evil vestiges that had been captured whose secrets the wizards hoped to learn.

Excursion into the Temple[ | ]

The waffle crew were lead to and trapped inside of the Amber Temple by Rahadin. While inside, the heroes were injured very badly by an entity in the head of a giant statue. Soon after, three flameskulls nearly killed the group. During that battle, the group realized that Paultin was actually a simulacrum - a magical construct of ice and snow. He melted before their eyes.[1]

After a period of resting, the group met an amiable lich that they eventually named "Barmy". The group wanted to cure Evelyn's lycanthropy. Barmy brought them to the library in the temple, and he told them about the vestiges that were kept in the temple.[2]

A band of vampire spawn attacked the heroes in the library. They killed Strix, but had to retreat.[3]

Diath made a pact with Zhudun the Corpse Star to gain the power to resurrect Strix. Van Richten created a tunnel that allowed the group to escape the temple.[4]

The Temple's Past[ | ]

When the waffle crew traveled to Barovia, Strix and the revenants of Argynvostholt went to the Amber Temple and made pacts with Zhudun the Corpse Star to raise the other members of the waffle crew from the dead.[5]

Denizens[ | ]

  • A mysterious entity in the head of a giant statue. It cast chain lightning and fireball, devastating the heroes.
  • 3 flameskulls
  • A band of vampire spawn: One of these spawn actually killed Strix.
  • "Barmy the lich": A lich who barely remembers why he came to the temple
  • The Vestiges: The remains of dead gods, demon lords, and other powers. Diath interacted with Zhudun the Corpse Star.