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The Zhentarim are a vast organization of criminals who use flying snakes as messengers. The waffle crew was attacked by Zhentarim assassins in Port Nyanzaru. They were trying to snatch the ring of winter. [1] When the heroes returned to Port Nyanzaru, the Zhentarim unsuccessfully attempted to poison their food. [2] While sailing to Waterdeep, the group spotted and engaged with members of the Zhentarim who were also sailing to Waterdeep. [3] Once they arrived at the city, the group saw that Wandala was allied with them. Together, they fought off an attack by agents of the Xanathar. [4] Naska, a dwarven member of the Zhentarim, asked the heroes to help him kill a mind flayer ally of the Xanathar. [5]

The Zhentarim warned the waffle crew that agents of the Xanathar were going to attack their home. The Zhentarim sent Sister Narae to help them fend off the attack. [6]