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The Vistani are fortune-tellers and vagabonds who wander Barovia. They serve as Strahd's eyes and ears and they alone have the power to pass through the mists of Barovia into the Material Plane. They also have the power to curse people.

The waffle crew went to a vistani camp run by Luvash. They had rescued Luvash's daughter, Arabelle, and were rewarded with treasure. While there, Murderbot killed a vistani boy named Joseph and Diath killed Arabelle with the hag pin. The adventurers escaped the angry mob of vistani.[1]

When the group traveled to Barovia's past, it was the vistani who helped them and Sir Godfrey to travel back to Faerun.[2]

Prominent Vistani[ | ]

  • Paultin: As a child, Paultin's vistani parents were killed by van Richten.
  • Madam Eva: A mysterious fortune teller who performed a very important tarot reading for the heroes.
  • Ezmerelda d'Avenir: An ally of van Richten's who traveled with the group for a time.
  • Luvash: Leader of a band of vistani. He lost his daughter, Arabelle, for a time.
  • Arabelle: A young and potentially powerful young vistana.
  • Arugal: A vistani from Luvash's camp who tried to kill Van Richten.[3]
  • Jesper: A vistani from the distant past who may be an ancestor of Paultin.