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Waffles is an owlbear that travels with the Wafflecrew. The heroes had been travelling with an owlbear named Hootie. Hootie was pregnant and died giving birth to Waffles. Waffles was born inside the Waffle Hut.[1] Waffles and the other pets got separated from the waffle crew in Ironslag. They were almost killed by hell hounds and tipped over the Vonindod.[2] Diath was able to rescue Waffles from the wreckage.[3] Once the group got to relative safety, Jasper took Waffles with him to Citadel Adbar while the group went back down into Ironslag.[4] While waiting at Citadel Adbar, Waffles grew about 25% bigger.[5]

Waffles spent 50 years with Strix in the forest of Barovia, growing to adulthood, before being reunited with the rest of the waffle crew.[6]

Waffles was played by Jared during Episode 44 - 'Animals in Heat' as well as on Episode 102.

Waffles was captured by some agents of the Xanathar [7], and was rescued by a band of plucky, Waterdhavian orphans. [8]