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This is a special holiday show that combines the casts of Acquisitions, Inc. and Dice, Camera, Action.

You can download this podcast right here.

Summary[ | ]

A K'thrissmas Story Part 1[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Ryan) Donaar Blit'zen - Dragonborn Paladin

(Amy) Walnut Dankgrass - Wood Elf Druid

(Kate) Rosie Beestinger - Halfling Monk

(Kris) K'thriss - Drow Warlock

The DMs for this session are Jerry Holkins and Chris Perkins. This show was released the day after episode 121 took place.

Spreading K'thrissmas Cheer[ | ]

The heroes are in an inn. There is a festive atmosphere, as K'thrissmas is coming. K'thrissmas is a holiday that celebrates the absence of holidays. Others have begun to celebrate it as well. People have been adding traditions to it.

Paultin is drunk, and he congratulates K'thriss on his great established holiday. Diath is putting up decorations (described as "festive trash") all around the room.

Strix brings out a pie covered in candy eyes. Paultin sings the K'thrissmas national anthem. Evelyn helps:

"It's K'thrissmas time and K'thrissmas pie/We say our thanks, dude, so we don't be rude/Even though you may not exist. Amen!"

Strix put some of K'thriss's hair in the pie. Donaar shows off his high tech gauntlet that shoots lasers. He claims to have asphyxiated Tiamat with it.

Rosie says that this is her second K'thrissmas. Evelyn wants her to tell a K'thrissmas story. Once there was nothing, then there were other things, but the nothing was more important. Now K'thriss is surrounded by people and there is nothing is how he thought it would be.

Diath and Walnut agree that this holiday is a joke. Diath notes it makes his friends happy. The C-Team mentions that Omin should be here soon. Walnut brags about her ranking in the organization, and Diath tells her he hopes that she can find value in herself outside the organization.

K'thriss asks why you should drown your sadness when you can drown sadness. Paultin's mind is blown.

Diath tells Walnut that she is important on her own. If she wants to serve Omin, that's fine, but she doesn't need it to have value. Walnut says that Acquisitions, Inc. gave her purpose. She asks Diath why he hates Omin so much. Diath says that he knows exactly the kind of person Omin is. All Omin cares about is what he wants. He'd purchase a child and use it for labor.

Rosie made Walnut a tentacle that tastes like grapenuts. Walnut gives Diath a smashed goodberry. Strix sees this and begins hyperventilating.

Paultin pulls Walnut aside and tells her he appreciates her.

Rosie wonders where the sweater she gave the group last year is. Apparently it is a part of Waffles' nest.

Evelyn says that it is time for the K'thrissmas name draw. Rosie baked the names into the tentacles. Strix is so bothered by Rosie's well-made pastries that she gets under a table.

K'thriss is meditating. As everyone eats their pastries, they find that the name inside is Donaar. Rosie is angry, as this is not what she put into the pastries.

Diath decorates very poorly, using K'thriss's stuff. His toothbrush, his thousand-year-old books nailed to the wall. The room has an occult vibe with sketches of bloody handprints. Strix writes "I like K'thrissmas" in Infernal.

Profitus Dran of the Dran & Courtier arrives. She wants the place cleaned up.

End of Session.