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Wumba is a Batiri Goblin played by guest star Ross O'Donovan. Wumba worships Dendar the Night Serpent and he has been antagonistic toward the Wafflecrew whenever he encounters them. Wumba came upon the Wafflecrew after seeing them traveling with his brother Chumba and, thinking he was a slave, tried to attack them. Chumba clarified that he was just a steward helping them and Wumba decided to tag along the crew. After encountering a rival goblin tribe, he tried to have them take Diath as food before Strix Fireball'ed them to death. He also teamed up with the group to battle a zombie tyrannosaurus rex. [1]

A short while later, when escaping being trapped on a shrine, Wumba used his own brother to soften his fall from a pillar, killing him in the process. He stole a whistle from the corpse of his brother and, after leaving the shrine, fled into the jungle before the waffle crew and Umbril, Chumba's employer, could turn against him. [2]

When the group was traveling to Orolunga, he ambushed the group and ultimately he was eaten by Waffles. [3]

Episodes[ | ]

Episode 65 - Bait and Twitch

Episode 66 - Ghosts and Goblins

Episode 70 - The Serpent Eats the Sun