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Xandala was a half-elf sorcerer and the captain of an airship, played by guest star Dani Hartel. She had a pet pseudodragon named Summerwise.

She rescued the Wafflecrew from the wilderness of northern Faerûn, inviting them onto her airship and asking them to help her find the Ring of Winter. She took them to Kronenheim.[1] Later, Xandala cast dominate person on Artus Cimber and attempted to take the Ring of Winter from him. [2] Klauth breathed fire on Xandala when she abandoned her airship, killing her.[3]

Xandala has a twin sister named Wandala, who lives in Waterdeep. [4]

Episodes[ | ]

Episode 59 - Snowflakes in Kronenheim

Episode 60 - The Red, the White, and the Crew

Episode 61 - The End of the World

Episode 62 - Abandon Ship